Paseo Hills History

  • ph    Paseo Hills School- Home of the Rattlers  

    Paseo Hills (translated as “the passage through the hills”) was the first K-8 school to be opened in the Deer Valley Unified School District. The school name symbolizes our students’ successful passage through their school years and on into adulthood. Paseo Hills students are taught to use life skills to successfully navigate through the “hills” of life on their way to achieving their personal best.

    Our academic program focuses on the needs of the individual student and mastery of the Arizona State Standards. Students are given many opportunities to learn, by doing, in a meaningful, risk-free learning environment. Students utilize classroom resources and technology to apply their knowledge of information. Students in grades K-8 also participate in art, music and physical education classes.

    Band and chorus are offered in during and as an extension of the school day. A wide variety of after-school clubs enhance the school experience, and an activity bus provides a safe ride home. In addition, a competitive sports program gives seventh and eighth grade students the opportunity to refine skills while learning about teamwork, competition, and "Victory With Honor". Exploratory classes to broaden the school experience are also offered for seventh and eighth graders.

    Parents are encouraged to become involved with their child’s education by helping their child at home, volunteering, and campus committees, and attending school events. Parents are an essential part of our Campus Improvement Team as they work with school personnel to make our school “the best it can be."
    Community School programs are provided, including the “Rattler’s Den,” a before- and after-school program, which provides social learning opportunities for students beyond the regular school day.

    Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! 

    In an effort to continue to provide structure and safety to all our students, Paseo Hills will continue to implement the same arrival and dismissal procedures as last school year which are listed below.


    Students should not arrive to school before 8:30 AM for breakfast.  Students not eating breakfast should not arrive until 8:30 AM.

    • Kindergarten students will enter through the Kindergarten gate starting at 8:30 AM.
    • 1st – 6th grade students will enter the main gate for breakfast at 8:30 AM. Students arriving after 8:30 AM will enter through the main gate and walk through the MPR directly to the designated playground.
    • 7th – 8th Grade students will enter though the main gate for breakfast at 8:30 AM OR through the Middle School gate (in the park) after 8:30 AM.


    Dismissal is at 3:30 PM and it is expected that all students are picked up and off – campus by 3:45 PM.  On Early Release Fridays, dismissal is at 2:00 PM and it is expected that all students are picked up and off – campus by 2:15 PM. *This excludes students that are in scheduled after – school activities.

    • Kindergarten will be dismissed from the Kindergarten gate or Kindergarten Bus Gate.
    • 1st – 6th grade students that walk or are picked up will exit campus through the main gate.
    • 7th – 8th Grade students that walk or are picked up will exit through the middle school gate. Those students picking up a younger sibling will exit through the middle school gate and meet their sibling at the main gate.
    • All bus riders will line up in designated areas near the bus loading zone.

    If there are violations to the above expectations, we will follow the following process:

    • First Offense: Written Warning Letter to Student
    • Second Offense: Administrative Contact with Parent
    • Third Offense and beyond: Administrative Meeting will be held with parent to determine appropriate next steps.

    We appreciate your support to ensure all of our students arrive and dismiss safely and promptly.

    We look forward to a great school year!



    Principal Hood