• We invite our families to join their students for breakfast and/or lunch. Please make sure to sign-in at the administrative building prior to entering campus. It is important for all visitors to sign-in and wear the red visitor sticker at all times. After breakfast and/or lunch, please make sure to make your way back to the administrative building to sign-out.

    Families are not permitted to attend recess.


    2019-2020 Lunch Times

    5th Grade - 11:00-11:20

    Kinder - 11:15-11:40

    2nd Grade - 11:30-11:50

    3rd Grade - 11:40-12:00

    1st Grade - 11:55-12:15

    4th Grade - 12:10-12:30

    6th Grade - 12:30-12:50

    8th Grade - 12:45-1:00

    7th Grade - 1:00-1:15