• 7th Grade Summer Reading Challenge


    Directions: Choose one book to read over the summer. Make sure it is appropriate for your age and reading level. Then, choose five of the writing prompts below to respond to in a typed paragraph, using evidence from the book you read.


    Be sure to respond to each prompt using the RACE technique (Re-word the question, answer the question, cite text evidence, and explain your answer). Each response will be one paragraph in length.


    Be sure to label your assignment with the book you read, along with the author. Also, number the questions according to their numbers below, so I know which ones you are answering.


    When you are finished with the assignment, you may print it out and bring it when school begins, or you may share it with me on Google Docs: stacy.prock@dvusd.org Title the assignment “Summer Reading Challenge.”


    Writing Prompts:

    1. Based on what happened in the first chapter of your book, what do you predict will happen in the next chapter? Why?
    2. If you could give the main character in your book some advice, what would you tell him or her? Why?
    3. Who is the main character and what is his/her conflict? Describe his/her personality, and how it affects the decisions he/she makes in solving the conflict.
    4. Compare/contrast two of the main characters in your story. How are they similar, and how are they different?
    5. What is the setting of the story? How does the setting influence the plot?
    6. How is the main character responding to the conflict? How is this different or similar to how the other characters are responding to the conflict?
    7. How was the conflict resolved? Cite examples from the text to support the resolution.
    8. Determine a theme for the story. Include examples to explain how the theme is shown throughout the story.
    9. How are the characters, settings, conflicts, or topics in your book similar to another book you’ve read? Compare and contrast the two books.


    I look forward to having you in my class next year!! 

    Ms. Prock




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