• Ms. B's 8th Grade Science Class

    Science is a part of everything we do today - from the moment we shut off the alarm in the morning to the moment we close our eyes at night. It is absolutely essential for students to truly understand and appreciate the impact science has had on our world, and will continue to have on the future. In this class and throughout the year, 8th grade science students will be working on critical thinking and reasoning skills, developing confidence, and gaining mastery of the fundamentals of Biology, Chemistry and Physics while connecting with a particular set of themes. We will be covering everything from genetic engineering to mass extinction to energy consumption to colonizing Mars and all the good stuff in between. Buckle your seatbelts, because that's bound to be an amazing ride!

    Our classroom uses multiple resources for our adventures together. Students will be using computers for research, assignments, quizzes, and simulated labs. If you have a student in my class, ask for a tour! We use Canvas, Gizmo, Legends of Learning and more to reinforce our content and learning.

    Update REF: School Closure

    For those students who have internet access and the proper tools, classes will continue much in a way that the students are already familiar with. Students will be using Canvas for assignments, quizzes, and projects, and Gizmo (ExploreLearning.com) for simulated labs. Additionally, we will be using Zoom for meetings. Students have not used Zoom in my class before, but we'll figure it out! Please be patient as we all try to navigate this new journey.

    *Students, please note that our Canvas class page may change. Instead of using the syllabus (default home page) to go to "Today's Date" and find an assignment, we will navigate by module. I will label each module by date / week, so that you can work more efficiently from a distance.

    I will post online classroom expectations in Canvas for you, and you will find a suggested schedule for your participation below.

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Kids and Science have everything in common - the future!