• Ms. B's 8th Grade Science Class

    We have such an exciting year ahead! I am truly looking forward to meeting all my new students and working with you throughout the year! It is my personal mission to increase your interest in Science while demonstrating how it is relevant in your lives.

    Science is so important! It is a part of everything we do today, and absolutely essential for the future. This year, we will be working on critical thinking and reasoning skills, developing confidence, and gaining mastery of the fundamentals of Biology, Chemistry and Physics while connecting with a particular set of themes. We will cover everything from genetic engineering to mass extinction to energy consumption to colonizing Mars and all the good stuff in between. Buckle your seatbelts, because that's sure to be an amazing ride!

    Also this year, we will be using multiple resources for our adventures together. With our Chromebooks, you'll be able to access our online techbook (Discovery Ed), quizzes, our schedule and essential links in Canvas, simulated labs in Gizmo, and games to reinforce what we've been learning. Of course, we'll be doing the live-action style labs that your parents grew up with too - but probably not the same ones; we won't be growing pea plants, but at some point we probably will be hunting beans, cheering on can cars at the races, interviewing suspects at a "crime scene" and engineering rockets (to name a few). We will learn what we need to learn through thought experiments, in collaboration with others, partnerships, independent work, and direct instruction.

    Please remember to come to class prepared, and WELCOME!

Kids and Science have everything in common - the future!