• Welcome to AP US History with Mr. Donovan! 


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    AP US History is designed to:

    • Prepare the student for the academic rigor they will encounter in a college level history course.
    • Understand how relationships between individuals, countries, and institutions stay the same and change over the course of time.
    • Explain the historical context (background) of certain events and developments.
    • Assess the credibility of historical sources based on the historical context, intended audience, and point of view.
    • Help students understand the causes and effects of historical events.
    • Prepare students to make connections between the past and present.
    • Develop a historically defensible claim/thesis using evidence from multiple sources.
    • Teach students how to analyze and interpret primary sources, including journal entries, speeches, maps, political cartoons, etc.
    • Prepare students to pass the AP US History Exam. 

    Interested in learning more about AP US History? Feel free to access my Canvas course using the link below. 

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