• Rattlers ROCK!
    Rattlers show Repect, Own responsibility, and Care through Kindness

    Why is Paseo Hills using Rattlers ROCK! as a Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support System (PBIS)?

    It is the goal of Paseo Hills to provide all students with behavioral expectations that are clearly defined, taught and reinforced, to encourage positive relationships and exemplary citizenship.  Our student discipline data shows that students are being sent to the office for defiance/disrespect and minor aggressive acts.  When that happens, they are not learning, and this also interferes with the learning of others.  We need to help our students be successful academically and behaviorally.  When students struggle with reading--we teach.  When students struggle with math or music--we teach.  When students struggle with behavior--we need to teach them how to succeed.

    What should Paseo Hills expect from using the Rattlers ROCK! Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support System?

    • Improved school climate
    • Increase in staff satisfaction
    • Improved individual student behaviors
    • Reduced office discipline referrals
    • Reduced suspensions
    • Increased instructional time

    PBIS is a proactive, research-based approach to preventing student behavior problems and achieving social and learning goals. To find out more about PBIS visit: http://www.pbis.org