Commencement Information

  • Dear Parents and Graduates:

    Deer Valley High School will be holding it graduation ceremony at the State Farm Stadium.  The stadium has dictated that we issue TWO tickets per graduate. We will be live streaming the ceremony so that other family members and friends can view it.  We will be following social distancing protocols for both graduates and guests.  We are providing the following rules and suggestions in order to conduct a smooth and dignified graduation.  We ask that you review these guidelines, as we must adhere to them in order for the ceremony to meet stadium and state requirements.

    Please keep this list for reference:

    • A power point presentation will be sent to each graduate reviewing the procedures the stadium has put in place in order to conduct a safe ceremony.  Please view this presentation.
    • Graduation will be at the State Farm Stadium on Friday, July 3, 2020 at 4:00 PM.  Graduates should be at the Stadium by 3:00 PM.
    • It is suggested that parents plan to drive to the stadium with the graduate.   We have been assigned the EAST parking lot and our entrance for parents and graduates will be GATE 3.  A parking map has been posted on our website and the DVUSD website. It is imperative that you follow the directions as to which side of the stadium to park at and which entrance to use.  Guests will not be admitted before 3:00 PM. Social distancing will be strictly enforced.



     Students will be guided to enter the building at the same gate as their guests

     At the gate, the students will have a separate entrance to check in with their school resource officer and/or teachers

     Once inside, the student will proceed down the instructed set of stairs to the stadium floor 

     The show floor will have a mirrored set of chairs as the waiting area that are six-feet apart to adhere to social distancing for the students 

     The students will follow teacher direction within their row/section for instructions

     Once the graduation begins, the students will walk along the stadium east or west walls with adequate spacing between each student as they proceed to the north side of the floor to be seated  

     Upon the conclusion of graduation, students will be instructed to exit the same stairwell entered while still adhering to social distancing

     Students and guests will be asked to refrain from congregating outside the stadium 



     Each student will be allowed two tickets for guests to be in attendance for the graduation

    Tickets are not yet available. More information regarding tickets will be sent once the stadium has released them.  

     Guests will be asked to park in the lot closest to their gate

     Guests will be asked to arrive at their gate opening time to avoid large crowds on the plaza 

     When gates open, each guest must have a ticket to be allowed admittance  

     Upon arrival, the guest will be asked to sit in their assigned seat printed on their ticket. If ADA seating is required, a stadium representative can assist. 

     Once the graduation has ended, the guests will be instructed to exit at the same gate they entered 

     Students and guests will be asked to refrain from congregating outside the stadium   


    • Graduates must carry their gowns into the Stadium.  After being checked in, they can put on their cap and gown.
    • Graduates will be seated on the main floor of the stadium in alphabetical order A-K on the right side as you face the stage and L-Z on the left side as you face the stage.  Names will be read alternating right side, left side.  Parents will be in the audience stands in the north end zone section.  No parents will be allowed on the floor of the stadium. 

    • The audience stands as the graduates enter and remains standing through the presentation of colors, National Anthem, and Pledge of Allegiance.

    • An official photographer will take two photographs of each graduate. Also, an official videographer will video the ceremony. Both the photographs and DVD are available for purchase. Information is posted on our website. Hand held video cameras will be allowed; BUT the stadium does not allow video camera stands.  We also ask that you not leave your seat to take pictures.  This policy is a courtesy to the other spectators and will be enforced by stadium security.

    • Purses/Cell phones should not be carried by graduates during the ceremony.  Please leave them with family or friends.

    • Male graduates should wear dress slacks, socks and shoes, and a “proper” shirt with collar.  Ties are preferred. Female graduates are discouraged from wearing floor-length dresses.  Female graduates should wear dresses or skirts and blouses or dress slacks outfits.  Both males and females should remember that graduation is a dignified occasion.  GRADUATES SHOULD WEAR THEIR CAP AND WILL CARRY THEIR GOWN INTO THE STADIUM.  Restrooms will not be available for dressing/appearance purposes so please come to the ceremony ready.

    • Caps and Gowns may not be decorated.  Tassels will be worn on the right side of the cap.
      See below for approved regalia.
      Graduates will wear school approved cap, tassel, medallion and gown without alterations or additional decoration. Corsages, wrist corsages, boutonnieres or leis may not be worn on top of gowns.
    • School administration may approve graduates to wear additional regalia that meet the following criteria:
      • Awarded by an organization with academic association affiliated with a DVUSD high school
      • Awarded by an organization associated with a national honor society which has a minimum GPA requirement or some other academic criteria
      • Stole provided by the school for the senior officers of the student government body of the school designating their position of office
      • Medallion provided by the school for the students in top 1% of the graduating class
      • Provided by a United States military branch

    No other regalia may be worn over the graduation gowns.

    • Following the closing, graduates and guests will exit GATE 3.    All participants and spectators must vacate the facility immediately as another graduation follows us.  PLEASE do not congregate in front of GATE 3.  Due to social distancing guidelines, you must exit to your vehicles immediately.


    There are certain expectations for audience behavior.  The stadium and Deer Valley Unified School District will not allow items such as noise makers, air horns, beach balls, helium balloons, posters, aerosol cans, beverage containers, glass containers or vases, coolers, laser pointers, smokeless cigarettes, drones, selfie sticks or any other items that will be a disruption to the ceremony in the facility.  This applies to graduates, parents, and guests.  A complete list is posted on both the Deer Valley High School website and district website. The stadium will strictly enforce checking for these prohibited items.


    We know that these past months have been very frustrating and we are hoping that everyone will help make this ceremony special.  Graduation is a momentous occasion, and we want the decorum to make it memorable for years to come.  Thank you for your continued and phenomenal support of Deer Valley High School.


    Kind Regards,


    Kim Crooks, Principal

    Deer Valley High School


    Download this commencement information as a pdf