Early Childhood Preschool Programs

  •  DVUSD offers a variety of preschool programs to meet the needs of many

    • Community Education, general education, tuition-based preschool for students age 2 through 5
    • Preschool Peer Role Model Program
    • Developmental preschool for ages 3-5
    • Head Start preschool based on income eligibility

    For more information on each program, click the images below.

  • Developmental Preschool

    Developmental Preschool provides inclusive preschool classrooms with support and services for both typically developing children, as well as, those children who have been identified as having special education needs. There are two preschool sessions daily, which last  2.5 hours and run Monday through Thursday.

  • Head Start

    Head Start Preschool is a federally funded program providing services for children ages 3 and 4 years old who are at risk, with eligibility based on income. The Deer Valley Unified School District offers Head Start programs at several elementary sites within the district boundaries. There is no charge for Head Start preschool services for eligible families.

    High Quality Early Learning is made possible by the High Quality Early Learning Grant. This program provides services for children ages 3-5 years old based on income levels. These programs are offered at two locations in the district. There is no charge for the High Quality Early Learning programs for eligible families.