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Instructional Technology

  • To prepare students for the unprecedented opportunities that await citizens of the 21st century, DVUSD recognizes that a thorough understanding of technology is essential for extraordinary learning opportunities.

    Educational technology, thoughtfully and appropriately applied, will enhance not only the learner-centered experiences of all students, but also the professional growth of DVUSD’s faculty and staff. Integrating technology into the classroom environment can transform student learning experiences and increase opportunities for students to think critically, work collaboratively, and function in today’s society.

Parent Technology Webinar - Tips for Success with Canvas & Zoom - August 27, 2020

DVUSD's Parent Technology Webinar - August 5, 2020

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    Michelle Coots Picture
    Michelle Coots, M.Ed
    K-12 Technology Specialist
    Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment

Seminario Web de Technologia Para los Padres - Canvas & Zoom

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