• Mr. Currier -- 4th Grade Science & Social Studies

    Week 33:  April 12-16, 2021
    Pea & Corn plants
    Corn & Pea Plant, one of our Terrariums
    Hello and welcome to the website for Scott Currier, 4th Grade Science & Social Studies teacher at Highland Lakes School.
    We returned to campus on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 We reviewed and reestablished Covid protocols and procedures. We'd like to make sure everyone remains safe and we continue to have a safe learning environment.
    THIS WEEK -- We have a rest from AZM2 (State Testing) in 4th grade, and resume next Monday, April 19th. Students should, again, plan to leave their Chromebook, Chromebook charger and a book to read at school on Friday in prepartation for testing on Monday and Tuesday (April 19 & 20th). 
    4th Quarter

    Welcome back to school and 4th Quarter! We have A LOT going on this last quarter. Our AZM2 Testing Window begins soon. 4th Grade testing is: 
    April 7 - - Writing
    April 19 - - ELA 1 & Math 1
    April 20 - - ELA 2 & Math 2
    This week in Science: We're continuing to work with our terrariums and learning more about magnets. 
    This week in Social Studies: We're continuing to learn about Arizona and early tribes. 
    SEL (Social Emotional Learning): TBA
    March 26 Newsletter
    Week 30 Newsletter
    Here is our Week 21 newsletter: link
    Currier Back to School

    I'll put more updates here on the the website soon.
    Please review my calendar to see our 4th grade dates. (https://www.dvusd.org/Page/7894 )
    Ms. Yahner's website link is here: https://www.dvusd.org/Domain/3209
    Ms. Nick's website link is here:  https://www.dvusd.org/Domain/3003
    I suggest making this website and the above two "favorites" of yours, to save time navigating through 4th grade. 
    A quick link: www.dvusd.org/hl-currier will be easier to access, than "domain etc" .