Academic Expectations 


    SPARK is an ongoing enrichment program that meets the specific needs of gifted learners.  The program provides engaging experiences in the areas of reading, math, writing, communication and the arts through various activities including STEM and Project Based Learning.  The learning experiences in SPARK require students to think critically, collaborate with others, and communicate their ideas creatively.  SPARK is not a class that receives a grade, so students are expected to engage in the program to achieve the greatest outcome.

    SAGE Math

    In my SAGE Math class, the curriculum, materials, and content are accelerated and enriched at the appropriate challenge level for students. The pace of instruction is quick, with discussions probing for breadth and depth as well as precision and clarity. Students are encouraged to problem-solve, think critically and persevere to reach their potential for academic achievement. SAGE offers an environment of like minds for the duration of a full class period.  Students are expected to engage in their learning, complete all assignments and attend class on a regular basis.  This class is for a grade in the subject area of Math.  Grading policies are available here: SAGE Grading Policies.