• Uncharted Waters





    Ahoy 2nd Grade Pirate Families!

    I hope you are doing great, considering the conditions we are all dealing with now.  Learning at this time is going to be very different.  It's an unprecedented time and we've never had to close down our school and do remote e-learning.  We are traveling through uncharted waters that we as a district and as teachers, have never navigated before.  There will be challenges along the way for all of us: students, parents, and teachers, but we will work together!

    This is about all of us being human.  As real people, we are all trying to do the best we can under very different circumstances.  It is a time for all of us to extend our understandings and have patience, with one another, as we all try to do our best. 

    I hope that our journey with remote learning will be turned into a positive one.  Teachers will be doing our best to deliver the necessary curriculum to our students, while students will be doing their best to work at home.  It won't be a full 8 hour day of "school" at home, but learning will occur with the activities we provide.  Education will happen, but what we have all been given is a rare gift!  It's a gift of more time at home with our families, more time for rest instead of rushing here and there with time constraints, and more time for intentional strengthening of connections and bonds with those we care about.

    I care about each and every one of my students!  I miss you, your smiles, your laughter, and your jokes!  I miss having the ability to give you a high five, fist bump, or hug!  I miss the excitement of you coming up to me sharing exciting things that are happening outside of school.  Above all, I miss having the ability to teach you in OUR classroom and see your beautiful faces each day.  Here's to our remote learning journey!  As we travel together, we will make new memories.

    Take care my students and parents!


    2nd Grade Teachers