• Welcome to Design Class

    This is a "DESIGN" class, where the student will learn the skills to solve problems that they may encounter or presented with. Towards this objective, students will utilize the concepts by building solution posters, prototypes, use the computer as a tool, and learn some coding.

    Students will learn about solving problems by critically thinking about problem solutions. They will explore ideas in a way that promotes internal dialogue and leads them to ask questions and find answers. This can be a little different from what they are used to, as they will have to figure out solutions and they might feel stuck and lost. They will be guided while giving them enough opportunities for self-discovery and exploration opportunities.

    During the process, they develope small activities/projects/posters to demonstrate the successful acquistion and use of problem-solving skills, and generate better understanding.

    Students will also acquire and refine keyboarding skills. They will explore keyboarding at home; students are expected to be self-driven and are to practice keyboarding at home, regularly. This is one skill, if acquired, that will pay back multiple times over, within their school life and will keep on paying back.  Please note the typing work/lessons completed will not go in the grade book as an assignment but will be a component of citizenship grade, demonstrating a successful self-learning scenario.  I will guide them periodically but will not allocate class time for typing in class. we will monitor and report their progress once a quarter on using the typing.com website.