• Deer Valley Unified School District Mass Notification Sytem

    The District and our schools sends out communication via a mass notification tool. All parents/guardians can receive emails, calls and texts from their schools or the district.

    If you didn’t receive the email, please check your email’s Spam and/or Junk folders. We understand that some of the emails from DVUSD maybe going into junk or spam folders, especially for gmail users.
    To fix this problem with a GMail account, follow the steps below: 

    1. Log in to your GMail account
    2. Locate your spam folder (on the left side of your Gmail account where you see inbox, etc)
    3. In the spam folder, find a message from DVUSD, your student's teacher, school etc.  
    4. Open the message
    5. Click on the three vertical dots along the top of your message with other icons (next to the the star, arrow icon, clock icon, etc)
    6. Click on "filter messages like these/this" 
    7. In the from field type @dvusd.org
    8. Click "Create Filter" 
    9. Check the box "never send to spam" 
    10. Click "Create Filter"

      *Note: Messages received prior to this being set up will not automatically move to your inbox. Process will be similar for other email systems

    DVUSD's Information Technology & Services Department along with the notification system company is continuing to fine-tune this system and will likely run future tests to ensure all parents are receiving important messages from schools and the district.

    Please note: If you unsubscribe from an email from either a teacher, school or the district, you will NOT receive future emails from your child’s teacher, school AND the district.

  • Opting Back in to DVUSD & School Communication:
    • Phone calls: Call the Blackboard Phone Hotline at "855-502-STOP (855-502-7867)" from the phone line that has been opted out.
    • Text (SMS) messages: Reply START to "60680" from the phone line that has been opted out for non-emergency messages. Reply START to "54968" for emergency messages.
    • Email: Contact your student(s) school and inform the staff you would like to opt back into receiving email.