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    Choice + Commitment = SUCCESS


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About DVUSD Pathways

  • To Our Deer Valley Unified School District Families,

    DVUSD Pathways provides an additional opportunity for our currently-enrolled high school students to experience academic success.  DVUSD Pathways serves students who may want to accelerate their learning and graduate early, students who are looking to recover credits, and families who may need flexibility from a traditional high school schedule. DVUSD Pathways offers short-term enrollments, a rotating course offering menu, and utilizes highly-qualified teachers and curriculum within a tuition-free environment as a framework of our program.

    The magic of the program is centered on human connection.  Compact sized classrooms coupled with a block schedule nurtures positive classroom relations and a sense of belonging.  Teachers are able to work one-on-one with students, revisit concepts, and challenge students academically within the learning process.

    When looking for options outside of the traditional school day, DVUSD Pathways is the CHOICE!

Core Values

  • Diverse: Serving a multi-faceted student population.

    Vigorous: Highly qualified, classroom leaders promoting rigor utilizing DVUSD curriculum. 

    Uplifting: Establish strong, positive relationships to create a sense of community.

    Success: Student achievement through multiple instructional strategies.

    Data Driven: Analyze classroom outcomes to foster academic success.

Vision Statement

  • Choice + Commitment = SUCCESS

Mission Statement

  • DVUSD Pathways provides access to accelerate, flex, or recover academic credit in a synchronous learning environment in pursuit of a high school diploma.

Curriculum and Teachers

  • Using the DVUSD curriculum and DVUSD highly-qualified teachers, our program facilitates a smooth transition for our students into the Pathways’ program.

Pathways Schedule

  • DVUSD Pathways offers two seven week enrollment sessions during the fall and spring semester of each school year. Our summer school option is a four week enrollment.  Course offerings rotate for each enrollment period.

Our Locations

  • DVUSD Pathways is hosted on the campuses of Barry Goldwater High School, Boulder Creek High School, and Deer Valley High School.


Contact Pathways

  • If you have questions about our program or would like to report an absence, please call our office at

    (623) 445-5780

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