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    Safe and Healthy Eating Tips:

    • Please encourage your student, child, or children to be seated upright when eating and not to be distracted. 
    • Encourage them to eat slowly, take small bites, and fully chew and swallow their food before talking or laughing. 
    • If you pack a lunch and send it with your child, please avoid food items that could be difficult to chew or which could possibly cause choking. 
    • Encourage them not to eat while walking, running, or engaging in other activities. 
    • Encourage them to avoid children’s games that involve catching a food item in the mouth or putting large amounts of food into the mouth.
    • Eating in the cafeteria should be fun and social, but eating in the cafeteria is a privilege. 
    • For those who misbehave or fail to follow these directions, cafeteria privileges may be revoked.