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    Welcome to the Academy of American Studies page! The Academy is a 4-year program that focuses on civics and American history through a variety of courses, guest speakers, field trips, and interactive learning. The Academy is also a companion program to the Advanced Academics  program at SDOHS. Students who are accepted into the Academy automatically become part of the Advanced Academic program, which includes Honors/Pre-AP/AP courses.
    The 4-Year Program of Study is as follows:

    Freshman Year

    ·         US 1 (1.0 Credit)

    ·         ELA 1-2 H (1.0)

    ·         Biology H (1.0)


    Sophomore Year

    ·         World History AP (1.0)

    ·         ELA 3-4 H (1.0)

    ·         Chemistry H (1.0)

    ·         US 2 Online/Hybrid (1.0)


    Junior Year

    ·         AP U.S. History (1.0)

    ·         AP Language & Composition (1.0)


    Senior Year

    ·         AP U.S. Government (.5)

    ·         AP Economics (.5)

    ·         AP Literature & Composition (1.0)

    ·         US 4 Internship (1.0)


    If you would like to apply for the Academy of American Studies, please fill out the application and include a one-page essay on why you believe civics is important in American education and how you plan to be involved in the school and community as part of the Academy.
    Download the Academy Application here:  Application for 2017-2018 School Year
    If you have questions regarding The Academy Of American Studies, please contact Mr. Hudson via email.
    Community Service Forms:  Community Service Form