Welcome to Kindergarten!


    The choice to attend Terramar is clear! Here are just a few reasons why we are proud to be your home school:
    -Every kindergarten teacher is a highly qualified, early childhood education endorsed, elementary certified teacher.
    -Strong Early Childhood team who consistently communicate on how to better educate individual students.
    -Academic rigor, including goal setting, with literacy, math and writing focus
    -Access to Reading Specialists.
    -Music, Art and PE classes taught by highly qualified, properly certified special area teachers every day.
    -Art focused field trips.
    -Music performances.
    -Separate kindergarten playground.
    -Parent Volunteers helping in the classrooms. 
    -Weekly newsletters and emails to constantly keep families informed.
    -Building community for the benefit of the whole child.


    General Kindergarten Information: 
    Drop Off:

    Students will enter through the gate between the cafeteria and administration building. There will be a kindergarten teacher present to walk students to the playground. Once they are comfortable, they are able to walk to the playground by themselves upon arrival. 


    We will be going to lunch every day at 11:20am.  School lunches can be purchased for $2.60 (prices have increased this year), or your child may bring his/her lunch.  Please mark lunchboxes with first and last names.  You can prepay for lunches (recommended) by stopping by the cafeteria before school any day of the week or you may visit www.ezschoolpay.com.  You may qualify for free or reduced lunch, but you must complete an application which you can get at the school office.

    Snack Time:

    We notice that students are able to concentrate better and learn more when their little bellies are full.  Therefore, we will be having a time for snack each day if you choose to participate.  You may send a healthy snack with your child every day, starting with the first day of school.  Please do not send sugary foods, candy or NUTS.  Some children have severe allergies to nuts, so please check nutrition labels and avoid any foods that contain nuts.  Also, too much sugar does more harm than good!

    Water Bottles:

    Your child may bring a water bottle every day.  In fact, it is encouraged!  Just make sure to put your child’s name on the bottle.  If the bottle is forgotten at home or school, we have a drinking fountain attached to our sink in the classroom, so don’t worry! J


    Kindergarteners are dismissed at 2:50.  We dismiss from the gate between the administration building and the multipurpose building (cafeteria).  Please come to the gate to pick up your child!  Make sure your child wears the “How I Get Home” necklace every day for the first 2 weeks. The necklaces were purchased with our own personal money, so please try to keep them safe! We will collect them from the children when they are no longer needed.  Thank you!

    Thank you for trusting us with your precious child!  We look forward to a great year together!

    Kindergarten Mission Statement:
    We are here to learn all kindergarten standards so we are ready for first grade.  

    Kindergarten Supply Wish List:

    • 2 boxes of 24ct Crayola crayons
    • 1 pair over the ear headphones (no earbuds please)
    • (boys only) 1 pack of fat or thin washable markers
    • (girls only) 1 pack of colored pencils
    • 1 package of Expo whiteboard markers
    • 1 roll of paper towels
    • 1 box of tissues
    • (girls only) 1 box of gallon size Ziplock bags
    • (boys only) 1 box of sandwich size Ziplock bags
    • 1 pair of scissors
    • (boys only) hand sanitizer
    • (girls only) Clorox wipes
    • 5 Elmer's glue sticks
    • 1 plain solid hard plastic pencil box (except Duffy)

    **No rolling backpacks please.

    ***Arizona law requires that public schools provide supplies required for academic success. This list represents optional, supplementary items which you may supply at your discretion. If you have questions, feel free to contact the school.

  • decade day
    Above: Spirit Week
    The Kindergarten Teachers:
    Marianne Duffy
    Kelly Fuzi
    Jeni Finkle
    Paige Stewart
    Below:  50th Day of Kindergarten with 
    the principal and assistant principal

    Kindergarten Night:

    Curriculum Night power point