Welcome to the Terramar K - 6 Art Studio


     Art Teacher Phoebe Wagner
    Happy New Year 2020!!
    We are now participating in an online art gallery called "Artsonia". Click on this link to view the sight.
    Please look for your child's permission slip to gain access to the sight and publish your child's art work!

    Art Activities for the Month of January! 

    We are learning about...


    Kindergarten: Students are continuing with their fine motor development! Cutting, coloring and aranging objects on the page; Forming objects with clay.

    1st Grade:  Use shapes and a horizon line to draw a seal in the ocean. Paint with watercolor. Literature connection - winter animals.

     2nd Grade: Create "Happy New Year' fireworks with oil pastels and paint. (wax resist); Food sculptures - celluclay and paint.

     3rd Grade: Drawing forest animals in a woodland scene. (multimedia)

    4th Grade: Painting techniques - Aspen trees/ spatter paint leaves (overlapping) Animal Contours with zentangle patterns

    5th Grade: Foil relief designs / Drawing and shading fruit study (sketch; watercolor; pointillism; abstract)

     6th Grade: Keith Hering action figures / gesture drawing