Welcome to the Terramar K - 6 Art Studio


     Art Teacher Phoebe Wagner

    Art Activities for the Month of September /  Featured Artists Claude Monet and George Seurot

    We are learning about...


    Kindergarten: How to set up and clean up art materials and using our hands to make art!

    1st Grade:  What are the Primary and Secondary Colors?  What are cool / warm colors? 

     2nd Grade: What jobs do artists do? Geometric and Organic Shapes; What is pointillism? 

     3rd Grade: Art is problem solving; Using a line of symmetry; Distance perspectives: Cityscapes with foreground; middleground; background

    4th Grade:  Abstract line designs;  One point perspective - Desert multimedia (watercolor resist).

    5th Grade: Cursive line designs; drawing with light and shadows - Learning about the element "value"  

     6th Grade: Use line, texture, color and image to create a personal collage'


    * Check out the Gallery below to see some of our projects in action!