CTE Program: Media Productions

  • Media Productions

    • Develop, produce, and deliver creative video and audio projects for TV, film, and commercial broadcast
    • Work individually and in teams to create dynamic films, documentaries, music videos, sportscasts, and newscasts
    • Operate professional camera gear, hardware, and software while crafting an impressive portfolio

    Career Focus

    • Prepared for immediate employment, advanced certifications, and further education

    Competitive Advantages

    • College Credit
    • Internships/Scholarships
    • National Competitions

    Sequence of Courses

    Media Productions (9-12)
    BCHS, BGHS, MRHS, SOHS, Aspire - Deer Valley's Online Learning Academy
    Dual Enrollment: Availability can vary by campus & instructor.
    CIS120DK – Introduction to Digital Video Editing (3 credits)
    CIS140 – Survey of Multimedia Technology (2 credits)
    Intermediate Media Productions (10-12)
    Prerequisite: Media Productions 
    Dual Enrollment: Availability can vary by campus & instructor.
    CIS220DK – Advanced Digital Video Production (3 credits)
    CIS120DL – DIgitalVIdeo COmpositing/After Effects (3 credits)
    Advanced Media Productions (11-12)
    Prerequisite: Intermediate Media Productions 
    CTE Internship (12)
    Prerequisite: Intermediate or Advanced Media Productions (concurrent or previously completed)

ADE Media Production Standards

  • Sean McLaughlin visits O'Connor Media Productions


    Sean is a local legend and broadcaster whose 30+ year career includes NBC's Weekend Today Show in New York City, coverage of multiple Olympic Games and Super Bowls, induction into the prestigious NATAS Silver Circle for broadcast excellence, and eleven-time regional Emmy award winner for news and weather.  Sean taught CTE media students about the importance of eye contact in an increasingly digital world, the value of being willing to work harder than others, and the necessity of being genuine—including and especially when on camera.

Media Productions Career Tree


  • Students have the opportunity to earn industry credentials and dual enrollment college credit through CTE programs.


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