K - 12 Social Studies Adoption

  • K-12 Social Studies Adoption Committee
     Ryan Schoonover
    Purpose of committee:
    Committee will examine and evaluate new social studies texts to be adopted and used in Deer Valley classrooms. Committee will make a recommendation on which texts/materials should be used in Deer Valley.

    Committee Members:

    Cassandra Hauck
    Adam Laningham
    Amy Dietzman
    Ian Peterson
    Elizbeth Lewis
    Peter Seraichick
    Allan Culp
    Colleen MacNamara
    Amanda Birch
    Laura Geddersen
    Chris Bennett
    Basilio Lopez
    William Dugan
    Mikki Cardella
    Susanne Wooten
    Buffy Vandenboom
    Michelle Amarillas
    Kimberly Shirk
    Karen Ciba
    Sherry Holly
    Terri Taylor
    Christal Cliffton
    Kathy Pondy
    Lacey Insel
    Tony Hamilton
    Debbie Peters
    Jamie Adred
    Mary Kaczmarowski
    Keith Utyro
    Michelle Hadden
    Charlene Tomlinson
    Janay Perone
    Jessica Lindenmeier
    Chris Pondy
    Morgana Willard
    Renee Peccia