Gifted Rocks Summer Camp    
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     Barry Goldwater High School         
     6/15/20 - 6/19/20
    These summer camps provide an opportunity for students who are identified gifted to participate in a summer camp designed specifically for their needs. Gifted students will benefit from time spent with their intellectual peers in these fun and intellectually engaging courses. DVUSD students and non-DVUSD students are welcome to attend; a report with gifted scores is required. Achievement scores and report cards are not gifted identification. Gifted identification requires a psychologist's report or CogAT scores.
    DVUSD Students: We will verify gifted identification for students who are enrolled in a DVUSD school after you enroll. If your child is identified gifted and participates (or previously participated) in a gifted cluster, SAGE, or Renaissance, you are qualified to register now.
    Non-DVUSD Students (homeschooled, charter or private schools): Parents enrolling students who are not enrolled in a DVUSD school will need to provide gifted identification scores. Send documentation to giftedservices@dvusd.org for approval prior to enrolling in Gifted Rocks.