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    2019 Science Rocks! Flyer

    Incoming 5th - 9th grade students will enjoy week-long hands-on science camps.  Field trips, science experiments, and interactive presentations are just a few of the many activities included.  There are six different camps to choose from.  Come one, two, or all three weeks!
    STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
    STEM Exploration 
    This camp integrates Science with Math, Technology, and Engineering - showing authentic real world connections in each project-based learning module.  Students will explore motion, energy, flight, and other concepts in this engaging week of learning.  Related Field Trip:  Universal Technical Institute
    Dinosaur Jurassic Animals & Adaptations
    Dinosaurs - where are they now?!  This camp will provide the opportunity to discover the numerous types of dinosaurs that roamed the earth millions of years ago.  In addition, students will explore how dinosaurs, like any animals, adapted for survival in their habitat, and will learn how their adapted features are present in today's animals.  Related Field Trip:  Arizona Museum of Natural History
    Forensic Science
    Forensics Students will explore the world of forensic science, learn how to secure a crime scene, gather clues, process evidence, and participate in a trial.  Incorporated will be the use of blood typing, fingerprint analysis, and dental forensics to crack the case.  Campers will look at DNA analysis, hair analysis, blood spatter patterns, and the reliability of eyewitness testimony.  This camp is a wonderful opportunity full of hands-on activities for the budding detective.  Note:  May include graphic crime scene discussion and/or images.  Related Field Trip:  Crime Lab
    Medical Science Medical This hands-on camp will explore several facets of medical science including:  basic anatomy; the cardio respiratory system; paramedic/fire emergency medicine; patient assessment and stabilization; operating room procedures; and medical equipment/surgical instruments.  In addition, careers in the medical field will be explored during a tour of a local hospital.  Note:  Includes graphic medical discussion and trauma images.  Related Field Trips:  Hospital, Fire Station
    Space Exploration Space Exploration
    This camp reviews the "Golden Age" of planetary exploration by reviewing the major missions of robotics and automated spacecraft exploration of the solar system during the past 40 years.  Focus will be on the technical design of the spacecrafts themselves, as well as the tracking technology that allows mission planners and flight controllers to guide spacecraft to their planetary destinations, which are millions and sometimes billions of miles away!  Related Field Trip:  ASU Ronald Greely Center for Planetary Studies 
    Robotics  Robotics Students will learn how robots are used by NASA and other industries to perform unsafe tasks and those that humans are incapable of doing.  Working as competing teams, students will design and build robots using our new LEGO Mindstorm EV3 kits with the goal of programming them to perform different challenges.  This is a beginners course tthat will cover the basics of robotics.  Related Field Trip:  ASU Mars and Lunar Education Programs
         Field trips are subject to change