• Community Education has moved!

    We are now located in the Community Education building at 7071 W. Hillcrest Boulevard, Glendale, AZ 85310.  We are at the far east end of the Copper Creek campus; enter the main drive, continue past the school to the east parking lot.  


    'Sun'sational Summer Camps



    Five regional sites conveniently located throughout the district provide school age children in grades K-8 memorable summer experiences through educational, athletic, and social activities in a safe, positive environment.  One of these sites also hosts a Preschool Summer Camp for 3-5 year olds.  Field trips, guest speakers, and arts & crafts are just a sampling of what make these camps fun! 
    2019 Locations
    • Copper Creek - (closed to new registrations)
    • Sonoran Foothills (closed to new registrations)
    • Stetson Hills (closed to new registrations)
    • Preschool at Copper Creek (closed to new registrations)

    Locations subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control



    2019 'Sun'sational Summer Camp Information

    • Wednesday, May 29, through Friday, July 26, 2019
    • 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. weekdays
    • Open to students entering grades K-8, and age 5-14; student must have reached their 5th birthday prior to camp 
    • All locations closed on Thursday and Friday, July 4th and 5th, in observance of Independence Day
    • Daily rate includes all activities and field trips
    • 10% Multi-child discount on additional children
    • 3 Day per week minimum for any weeks reserved
    • Annual family registration fee is also required
    • Five convenient payments on an automatic pay plan
    • Daily self-cooled lunch required
    • Registration deadline is April 30th for guaranteed attendance the first week of camp
    • Field trips will close upon reaching capacity regardless of deadline dates
    • T-shirts will be distributed at Parent meetings
    • All parents attending Parent Meeting will receive an ADDITIONAL free t-shirt for each of their registered students

    2019 Preschool Summer Camp Information

    This program has reached capacity and closed to new students. 
    Preschool Summer Camp is for our youngest students set in a nurturing environment while providing fun learning experiences based on the same themes as our 'Sun'sational Summer Camp. Preschool campers follow a different activity schedule than 'Sun'sational campers.  Additional information for Preschool:
    • Open to students age 3-5
    • Students age 5 and entering kindergarten may register for either the Preschool camp or one of the K-8 camps
    • All students must be fully potty trained 
    • Held at Copper Creek in 2019
    Register Early

    Registration Information

    • Online registration opens February 1, 2019
    • Every student must have a current copy of immunizations on file before their registration contract will be approved
    • Once approved, each child's Emergency Information (EIIR) form must be signed prior to attending.  This can be done:
      • At your Before & After School Care site
      • At the Parent Meeting
      • On the first day of camp attendance (allow extra time as we expect lines the first two weeks of camp)
    • All accounts must be current and in good standing
    • A separate registration and fee will be required for Before & After School Care
     Discounted Pricing
                   $20 per family in February, plus $100 per child deposit 
                   $30 per family in March, plus $100 per child deposit 
                   $60 per family April and later, plus $100 per child deposit 
                   The registration deadline is April 30th for guaranteed attendance the first two weeks of camp
    We typically ask that people start registering early because of the high volume of registrations we receive for our various programs. In addition, some sites will reach capacity and close.  We offer the incentive of a reduced registration fee in the hopes that you will submit your information early. It takes us several months to work through the large number of contracts that we receive for our programs, so we do appreciate when you submit your registration early and we thank you for your patience.  Our team continues to work diligently to process them as quickly as possible.
        Late Registration

    The registration deadline for 'Sun'sational Summer camp is April 30th.  Any contracts submitted after April 30th will be reviewed for approval only when all contracts received through April 30th have been reviewed and approved.  Attendance at summer camp will start with Week 3 or later, depending on the date of late registration. Once a registration period has been invoiced (i.e., Weeks 1 & 2), new contracts will not be approved for that period. You will be notified of your start date upon contract approval via a confirmation email. Your requested start date is subject to change during the approval process.  Some days may not be available if a site and/or a field trip has reached capacity.

    Field Trips
    • Early registration is strongly encouraged to guarantee your start date and attendance for field trips of your choice
    • Field trip venues are reserved by us beginning in January in order for us to provide students with outstanding experiences, however, some venues do have limitations and may be subject to closure when they reach capacity
    • Once your contract is approved, those dates you chose on your contract are confirmed; changes after confirmation may be subject to being declined if a field trip venue has reached capacity

    Choice of Site

    • Space is limited; all sites are subject to minimum and maximum registrants  
    • Please choose your site carefully.  Transfers are subject to additional fees, availability, and time restrictions.


    DES Assistance

    If you are eligible to receive financial assistance from the AZ Department of Economic Security (DES), you will be responsible for the following:

    • Your daily co-pay as determined by DES
    • Any difference between the daily rate that is subsidized by DES and our daily rate
      • for example, our rate is $38 per day; DES pays $23.40 per day (6 or more hours); your co-pay is $1.50 per day.  Your daily responsibility is $13.60, including your copay
      • NOTE that if your child attends less than 6 hours per day, you are responsible for the difference between our rate and the DES part-day rate of $14; or $24 per day in this example
    • Choosing only the days your child will attend camp
      • if you choose days that your child does not attend, you will pay the full daily rate of $38 per day ($40 for preschool)
      • DES will not subsidize days that your child does not attend for which a reservation has been confirmed
    • Submit the required documentation


    Other Important Information 

    • Early registrations will be accepted beginning February 1, 2019, but may not be approved immediately; register early to take advantage of incentive pricing
    • All registered students will receive one free summer camp t-shirt
      • A second free t-shirt will be provided only when you attend the Family Orientation event
    • The registration fee and deposit is nonrefundable
    • Once you have registered online, your contract will be reviewed by our staff to be sure that we have complete information and documentation
      • Upon approval of your contract, your debit/credit card which you will supply online, will be charged the registration fee PLUS a $100 deposit per child that will be applied toward your first invoice
      • The amount of your registration fee will be determined by the date you applied, not the date of contract approval (see above Register Early/Discounted Pricing)
      • The balance will be invoiced and is due as outlined on the "Important Dates" table below.
    • Your Account Representative will attempt to contact you if there is missing or incorrect information, or if your payment does not go through.  You will have no more than 3 business days to respond and correct the situation or your contract will not be approved and will be deleted from pending status. This time period may be shortened when we are at a deadline.  This will require you to re-submit your contract and it will be subject to the current registration fee and field trip availability.   Your child can not attend without an approved contract. 
    IMPORTANT:  If you are not sure of your schedule but know that you will need summer care, or if you choose your dates based on the activity calendar, it is highly recommended that you submit a registration contract for approval, choosing at least 3 days, and then submit a change to your contract prior to the billing date (SEE IMPORTANT DATES BELOW).  Field trips are subject to closure upon reaching capacity.  The initial contract approval process is more in-depth than a change approval.  Delaying registration may result in a delayed start date at camp.  A delay in choosing your days may result in missing desired field trips due to closure.  Field trip and activity calendars will be made available as soon as possible once all venues and activities have been confirmed.  
    Rates and Plan Options
    The Pick Your Days plan provides for 3, 4, or 5 days per week, and is subject to a weekly rate.  The days may vary, and you choose which weeks your child will attend. You may reserve for as few or as many weeks at a time as you wish.  They do not have to be consecutive weeks.  A calendar will open up during registration for you to choose your dates.  Additional dates must be reserved prior to the invoicing date, and are subject to availability (see table below).  
      • Grade K-8 (based on rate of $38 per day with a 3-day per week minimum)
        • $114 per week for 3 days
        • $152 per week for 4 days
        • $190 per week for 5 days
      • Preschool (based on a rate of $40 per day with a 3-day per week minimum)
        • $120 per week for 3 days
        • $160 per week for 4 days
        • $200 per week for 5 days

    Changes to your contract are subject to a $25 change fee.  Additional days after the payment deadline will be subject to availability and an additional fee.  Field trips are subject to closure upon reaching capacity, so early registration is encouraged.  After the the payment deadline date, field trips will close based on enrollment.  Additional or unscheduled drop-in days will not be permitted on the day of a field trip.  We monitor enrollment numbers on a regular basis. 


    Enrollment (reservation and payment)

    • Register online at deervalley.ce.eleyo.com prior to April 30th
      • Register in February to avoid delays in contract approval and save money
      • High volumes of late registrations cause delays in contract approvals
      • Field trips are subject to closure upon reaching capacity
    • Each session must be reserved prior to the invoicing date (see table below)
    • Each session must be paid by the payment deadline to ensure attendance for the time period covered
    • Tuition is payable in five bi-weekly payments, due as outlined below
    • All payments must be set up on an automatic payment plan with a debit/credit card designated by the parent or payer at the time of registration
      • A debit or credit card must be linked to your account
      • A prepaid credit card can be used if you don't have or don't want to link to a debit or credit card
      • DES funded accounts will be excluded from billing but will still require a card on file; you must provide the required DES acceptance documentation in advance to ensure you are not invoiced/charged
      • Online payment may be made prior to the payment date if you do not want auto pay, but you will still need to link a card
      • Failed payments/unpaid balances will result in withdrawal from camp for the period in question 
      • After the deadline, additional days may be added, based on availability, for an additional fee; days will not be changed
      • No credits or refunds will be issued for missed or canceled days after the payment deadline
      • A $20 late payment fee will automatically be added to all payments after the due date
      • There is a 3-day per week minimum, including weeks with only 3 days available
     Important Dates  2019
    For attendance
    during this period     
    Online changes must be submitted by*
    Fees will be invoiced on
    Payment is due and must be received by
     Late payment fee of $20 applied at 12:01 AM on
    Weeks 1 & 2
    May 29-June 7
     Sunday, May 12
     Monday, May 13
     Friday, May 17
     Monday, May 20
    Weeks 3 & 4
    June 10-June 21                                   
     Sunday, May 26
     Monday, May 27
     Friday, May 31
     Monday, June 3
    Weeks 5 & 6
    June 24-July 3
     Sunday, June 9
     Monday, June 10
     Friday, June 14
     Monday, June 17
    Weeks 7-8
    July 8-July 19
     Sunday, June 23
     Monday, June 24
     Friday, June 28

     Monday, July 1

    Week 9
    July 22-July26
    Sunday, July 7 Monday, July 8 Friday, July 12

    Monday, July 15

    *If you need the assistance of your Account Representative to make a change, please make contact by noon of the Thursday prior to change deadline.
    Field trip closures will begin upon a venue reaching capacity and/or on the change deadline date for the period covered; late payments fees are automatically added to all past due accounts.

    Parent Orientation 

    • Open house orientations will be held in May
    • If you miss the opportunity to attend, please arrive early on your first day of camp to finalize your paperwork and waivers, choose swim levels, obtain activity calendars, and pick up T-shirts
    Please see the list of sites below for Parent Open House events.                 
    Please consult the Parent Handbook for complete program information. 
    Additional Forms
    2019 ‘Sun’sational Summer Camp Locations & Contacts
    IMPORTANT:  Field trip and activity times and dates are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control.  ALWAYS check with your camp staff prior to each field trip for and possible changes. 




    Copper Creek
    7071 W. Hillcrest Boulevard
    Glendale, AZ 85310
    Site Lead Instructor: Seana Martinka
    Parent Information Night:
    Wednesday, May 1, 6:30-7:30 PM

    Park Meadows

     20012 N. 35th Avenue
    Glendale, AZ 85308
    Site Lead Instructor:  Debby Craig
    Parent Information Night:
    Thursday, May 2, 6:30-7:30 PM
    Sierra Verde
    7241 W. Rose Garden Lane
    Glendale, AZ 85308
    Site Lead Instructor:  Tina White
    Parent Information Night:
    Wednesday, May 8, 6:30-7:30 PM
    Sonoran Foothills
    32150 N. North Foothills Drive
    Phoenix, AZ 85085
    Site Lead Instructor:  Jennifer Martino
    Parent Information Night:
    Tuesday, May 7, 6:30-7:30 PM
    Stetson Hills
    25475 N. Stetson Hills Loop
    Phoenix, AZ 85083
    Site Lead Instructor: Pam Abbitt
    Parent Informatioin Night:
    Thursday, May 9, 6:30-7:30 PM

    Activity Calendar available here


     Preschool at Copper Creek
    7701 W. Hillcrest Boulevard
    Glendale, AZ 85310
    Site Lead Instructor:  Seana Martinka
    Parent Information Night:
    Wednesday, May1, 6:00-7:00 PM


    TAX ID #86-6004178