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  • When a student is absent due to being quarentined...

    1. You can still attend class!
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    3. To join classes, simply go to the course in Canvas and join the Zoom.
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This Week in Language Arts

  • ELA Writing

    This week, students will finishing the informational writing module and reflecting on their writing.  They will begin opinion writing.


    ELA Reading

    In ELA Reading students will be concluding their study of informational texts.  They will be completing a short essay with evidence about one of the five senses and taking an end of module assessment.  They will begin a study on opinion writing, focusing this week on point of view and key details.

    Essential Question: How do people and animals use their senses to navigate?

                                    What does it take to meet a challenge?

    Updated for Week of September 28

This Week in Social Studies

  • ❓ Weekly Essential Question(s)

    • How did explorers use navigation tools to help them travel and discover new lands?
    • What were the successes and challenges of explorers traveling to west?
    • What were the successes and challenges of the Natives in the "new" lands?

    Updated for the week of October 19

This Week in Science

  • ❓ Weekly Essential Question(s)

    What is the weather going to be like at Lake Pleasant (AZ) in February?

    What month would be the best time for fieldwork in Bozeman, MT?

    📑 Weekly Standard(s)

    4.E1U1.8 Collect, analyze, and interpret data to explain weather and climate patterns.

    This weeks graded assignment:  Friday's Montana Field Trip Project

    Updated for the week of Oct. 19.

This Week in Math

    • Module 3 Multi-Digit Multiplication and Division
      • Our objectives of the week are to solve division problems with a remainder using disks, area models and an introduction to the standard algorithm. To find factor pairs for numbers to 100 and define prime and composite numbers
      • The projected lessons of the week are: 17, 18, 20 and 22. 
      • The students will have a math vocabulary test on Friday. They have a study guide to review. ( handed out Friday, 10/16)
      • Multiplication Practice- please review for  10 minutes nightly--Flashcards work well and there are songs on Mrs. Kozubal’s YouTube channel that review the multiplication facts. There are also several games to practice the multiplication facts on Student Site Central, on our 4th grade website under math #2.
      • The children keep the current lessons in their binder for review and reference. We will empty pages together as needed.
      • All work is completed on the paper math pages. No work in Canvas for math, unless you are home for an extended time period.
      • Updated the week of October 19

Contact Info

  • Office hours are 8:00AM - 4:00PM, please email outside those times.  
    Google Voice numbers are for duing Virtual Learning and accept text messages.  
    Mr. Cohon
    Science and RTI
    Classroom Phone: 623-445-7658
    Google Voice:  480-744-7390
    Email:  alex.cohon@dvusd.org
    Mrs. Kozubal
    Classroom Phone:  623-445-7657
    Google Voice Phone:  317-953-3536
    Email:  debbie.kozubal@dvusd.org
    Ms. Miyagawa
    Reading, Writing, & Social Studies
    Phone:  623-445-7660
    Google Voice:  602-888-1207
    Email:  cece.miyagawa@dvusd.org
    Mrs. Rhoades
    Reading, Writing, & Social Studies
    Classroom Phone:  623-445-7659    
    Google Voice:  623-688-0064
    Email:  kristine.rhoades@dvusd.org


Mission Statement

  • We the Students of Terramar’s 4th Grade, in Order to form a more proper Classroom Environment to establish Hard Workers, promote Self Confidence and Good Behaviors and secure Respect to everyone at school, do ordain and establish this Mission Statement for the 4th Grade Classes of Terramar Academy of the Arts.



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