4th Grade News

  • Friday, January 25 is an Early Release Day at 11:35.


This Week in Language Arts

  • Week of 1.22-1.25
    Story: "The Man Who Named the Clouds"
    Genre: Biography
    Skill/Strategy: Identify Important Ideas, Graphic Sources
    Students recieved a new Reading Log last week.  It is for the entire month.  It includes their current SRI score, and a personal goal they've set for themselves.  
    Students will be completing their opinion piece this week.
    Read Aloud

    "Matilda" by Roald Dahl 

     Updated 1.21.19


This Week in Science

  • We begin our next unit Magnetism and Elecrticity!

    Part 1 – Investigating Magnets and Materials 

    INQUIRY QUESTIONS:  What kind of materials do magnets stick to?  What happens when you bring two or more magnets together? 

    OBJECTIVE: Students find that objects that contain iron stick to permanent magnets; other objects do not.  They discover that two magnets will either attract or repel one another, depending on their orientation. The agent responsible for this behavior is the magnetic force.

    Updated for the week of 1/22/19


This Week in Social Studies

  • Unit 3 Lesson 1 quiz will be this Wednesday, January 23.

    Then this week:  Unit 3 Lesson 2 - The New State  

    ESSENTIAL QUESTION:  How did Arizona become a state? 

    OBJECTIVE: TSW learn about how industries developed in AZ, how AZ became a state.  

    Updated for the week of 01/22/19


This Week in Math

    •  Module 5- Fraction equivalence, ordering and operations.
    • We will begin our unit on fractions this week. The projected lessons are 11-13.
    • Retakes for any low quiz on Wednesday this week.
    • Thursay we will have a Quiz on Topic B, covering fraction equivalence.
    • Please practice the multiplication tables with flashcards or an online game for 10 minutes a night to increase fact fluency.
    • Updated 1/17/19

Extra Reminders

  • Please Check Bookbacks

    Students often accumulate materials in their bookbags that can be left at home. This can cause a big strain on the back and finding things can be a problem. You can help your child by asking them to take everything out of their bookbag on the weekend and replacing only what is required. With the exception of special projects, please use the following list to help your child stay organized: 4th grade binder and Graded Work Folder; pencil case; One chapter book, and the Student Planner.

    PRIDE Cards:
    Green PRIDE cards are bound in the student planners that are send home each day. They are meant to keep you informed of any behavior issues that your child may be having at school. Please ask to see your child's planner and check to see how they are doing. Each month brings a clean card and a fresh chance to improve. The PRIDE cards should be signed by you at the end of each month.

    Monday Graded Work Folders

    Please be sure to check your child's Graded Work Folder for graded work, sign the sheet on the inside of the folder and return the empty folder to your child's backpack.


    If you haven't already done so, please sign up for.  We use this text messaging system to send out a quick text each day with assignments and reminders.  Really a backup system to the assignment planners that the students will be getting on the first day.  To sign up for Remind, Simply send a text to this number:   81010  and put this in the message:   @7k32hg

    Assignment Planners

    Please check over assignments, check the planner, and sign at the bottom for the day.  If you have a message please email, please do not write notes in the planner.

The Fourth Grade Team

  • Here we are!  Mrs. McKinney, Mrs. Kozubal and Mr. Cohon.

    New selfie coming soon!

Contact Info

  • Mr. Cohon
    Science & Social Studies
    Phone: 623-445-7658
    Email:  alex.cohon@dvusd.org
    Mrs. Kozubal
    Phone:  623-445-7657
    Email:  debbie.kozubal@dvusd.org
    Mrs. McKinney
    Language Arts
    Phone:  623-445-7656
    Email:  abby.mckinney@dvusd.org


Mission Statement

  • We the Students of Terramar’s 4th Grade, in Order to form a more proper Classroom Environment to establish Hard Workers, promote Self Confidence and Good Behaviors and secure Respect to everyone at school, do ordain and establish this Mission Statement for the 4th Grade Classes of Terramar Academy of the Arts.



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