• -Mr. Anderson


    From the Principal, Mark Anderson…

    Wow, it is hard to believe that in a few days we will say good bye to yet another school year! This year has been full of great things for the students at Highland Lakes. I have thoroughly enjoyed being the principal at Highland Lakes and am looking forward to the opportunity to work with your students in the years to come.


    As you think about things you would like to do over the summer, I’d like to suggest that you also include academic activities. Some suggestions may be:


    Preschoolers: Teach your child the alphabet song and look at alphabet books together. Continue to read together, and encourage your child’s first efforts at scribble writing and “pretend reading.”


    Kindergartners: Read together from books in which words are repeated and the story is easy to predict. Write with your kindergartner.


    Elementary school years: Create opportunities at home in which you are reading, writing, and learning together as a family. Family trips to the library or book store can be fun. You can turn a family dining experience into a math lesson figuring out the total bill, or trying to figure out the tip.


    Middle School: Provide opportunities that continue learning in the home. Communicate the importance of education. Have your child manage a budget for the summer; many times real-life situations have life-long impacts.


    Please remember that in the final days of school our goal is to keep your children actively engaged in activities that promote academic, social, and emotional development. It will be important for you to help us in reminding your children that it is their responsibility to come ready to learn up until the last day.


    Thank you for a great year; it has been a pleasure to work with the students, staff, and parents at Highland Lakes. It is because of you, that Highland Lakes is what it is today. Enjoy your summer, be safe, and remember: Make it a great day, or not, the choice is yours....