Concert Dress (Uniform)

Uniform Image
  • Appropriate performance dress is an integral part of every musical performance. The way you dress sets the stage for how you conduct yourself and how your audience perceives you WELL BEFORE you produce your first sound. When you dress to impress, you take yourself more seriously, and so does everyone else. 

    Concert Attire consists of the following, as shown:

    • Black dress shoes (girls may wear flats or low heels, no more than 1")
      • No tennis shoes or skate shoes
    • Long black socks
      • At least crew length
      • May be unnecessary for girls depending on shoe style
    • Black slacks/pants
      • Jean materials or stretch materials not allowed
      • Girls may wear floor length (hem touches the top of the foot) loose (not form-fitting) skirts with no slit
    • Black Belt
    • School Performing Arts Polo Shirt 
      • Shown is black dress shirt with tie, also acceptable if polo not available
      • Shirt must be tucked in


Required Instrument Materials

  • The following guides are to help you know what accessories to purchase for your student to be successful in Band. Please note that all of these materials are in addition to the instrument itself, which you can provide on your own, purchase yourself, rent through the school, or rent through Music & Arts.

    If you are considering purchasing an instrument, please start here, and check in with Mr. Fike before making any final purchases. Purchasing an instrument is much like purchasing a car or home--you get what you pay for and you want to be sure you're not getting a lemon, so let your friendly neighborhood band director agent help!

  • Need any more guidance or clarification on what to purchase? Don't hesitate to reach out at Or, you can see all of the materials written out at the archived Required Materials Page.