1:1 Student Devices

  • DVUSD Tech Rich Logo All DVUSD schools operate in a Tech Rich environment with all K-12 students offered a 1:1 device. The availability of one-to-one student devices allows teachers to design learning experiences using e-textbooks with embedded links, video, 3D graphics, simulations, collaborative publishing, and instant access to reference information.

    Students learning on-campus in grades 1 through 8, all online K-12 Aspire students, and all students at Barry Goldwater High School utilize Chromebooks. Students in Kindergarten and at our other four high schools use iPads.

    Students in grades K-3 use their assigned student devices at school and devices are stored in the classroom overnight. Students in grades 4-12 bring their assigned student devices to and from school daily to provide access to digital resources beyond the school day.

    Student Tech Devices

    DVUSD Device User Agreement: Grades K-12 Form

    DVUSD Optional Device Protection Plan: Grades K-12 | DVUSD Payment Portal (payment instructions)

    Families will not be charged for repairs required due to manufacturer defects or normal wear and tear of the device.

Student Logins

  • Login to DVUSD sites with your DVUSD student username & password.

    USERNAME: First Initial + Middle Initial + first 3 letters of your last name + last 3 numbers of student ID (lunch number)

    PASSWORD: Student ID (lunch number)

    Name: Ivan Mark Smarte
    ID Number: 123456
    Username: imsma456
    Password: 123456
    Email: imsma456@learner.dvusd.org