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    This is such an exciting week! We will do several "Get to Know You" activities and some pre-assessments to see what the students know. We will get to know classroom and school rules and practice a fire drill! We will also jump into teaching and learning our 1st grade curriculum!
    We have a couple of birthdays coming up quickly. We just wanted to make sure that you know the rules about sending in treats for birthdays. You may send in birthday treats, but they have to arrive at school at least 4 days in advance, so that they can "quarantine" for 4 days. You also have the option of ordering a birthday snack for the class from the school cafeteria. The flier says that orders need to be placed at least 2 weeks in advance. Here is the link to the form - Birthday Snack Order Form.

    Pete the Cat
    In language arts this week, we will work on reading words with the short 'a' sound such as 'bag,' 'mat,' and 'tab.' The high frequency words that we will be working on this week are go, is, like, see, the, this, to and we. We will read a fun story called Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes and talk about the rhyme and the repetition we notice. In writing, we will review nouns and begin to plan an oral story about something that has happened to us.
    In math, we will take some math pre-tests to find out what we know. We will also become familiar with some math manipulatives that we will be using this year.
    In science, we will begin to learn about light and what, if anything, we can see when there is no light.
    In Social Studies, we will learn about rules and why we have them.
    Terramar 1st Grade Team
    Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Domkus, Mrs. Schick and Mrs. Willard