REturn to School Stakeholder Committee

  • Return to School Stakeholder Committee
    Chairpersons Monica Allread
    Gary Zehrbach

    Jim Migliorino
    Gayle Galligan
    Jenna Moffitt
    Charge of the committee:

    To provide stakeholder feedback to the Return to School Work Team.

    Duration:  June and July 2020   


Return to School

No. Name Position Stakeholder Group
1 Gary Zehrbach Deputy Superintendent, ALS Employee
2 Monica Allread Director, Communications and Community Engagement Employee
3 Gayle Galligan Deputy Superintendent, CIA Employee
4 Jim Migliorino Deputy Superintendent, FB Employee
5 Angela Trapnell BCHS Region Parent Community Member
6 Katherine Tindall BGHS Region Parent Community Member
7 Robyn Jordan DVHS Region Parent Community Member
8 Amber Perez MRHS Region Parent Community Member
9 Melissa Rue SDOHS Region Parent Community Member
10 Karen Zafar Parent from High School Community Member
11 Stefanie Calens Parent from Middle School Community Member
12 Kip Schlum Parent from K-8 School Community Member
13 Nancy Ashby Parent from K-6 School Community Member
14 Danielle Healy Parent from PreSchool Community Member
15 Marie Brennan DVEF Director Business Partner
16 Jed Roberts Interfaith Group Member Community Member
17 Michelle Ricart PTA Group Member Community Member
18 Bob Stambach Business Partner Member Business partner
19 Scott Warner Director, School Ops/Athletics Employee
20 Anna Backstrom CIAS, Fine Arts Employee
21 Harley Killman DVEA Member Employee
  • Membership Requirements:


    The Return to School Stakeholder Committee will consist of District Directors, Executive Cabinet, Employee Groups, Community Members, and Business Partners.

    June - one meeting
    July - two meetings
    Dates to be determined
    District Office or virtual meetings