• Transcripts (High Schools Only)

    Switching from a letter-based grading system into a 0-4 scale means that what is reported on our transcripts will also change. Eventually all DVUSD transcripts will only reflect the 0-4 scale but until all DVUSD high schools switch to the new 0-4 scale and until every student has been at that high school the entire time that 0-4 scale has been used, the transcripts will be a blending of the A-F and the 0-4 grades. 

    The following is a mock-up of what the new transcripts will look like incorporating the new grading policies as well as having a blending of numbers and letters:

     highlighted transcript

    Here are some highlights on this transcripts that focus on the changes:

    In the blue box for Theatre 1-2, this student received a B for both semesters each of which resulted in .5 credit and 3 points to be averaged into their GPA. Two classes below is a Geometry 1-2 Honors course and will see this student earned a B in the first semester but because this is a weighted honors course, they earned 4 points towards their GPA and for the second semester earned a C which equated to 3 points. These examples reflect the traditional reporting on current transcripts. 

    In the red box you will see the new grading scale represented for the Forensic Science course. For the first semester the student earned a 3 as a grade (the first column) resulting in .5 credit and a 3 averaged into their GPA. For the second semester this student earned a 1 for a grade and since you need at least 2 points to pass a course, they did not earn any credit and will average in a 0 for their GPA. 

    In the green box this student took the AP United States History course under the new grading system. Since AP courses are also weighted, you will see that this student earned a 4 as a grade for both semesters and for each semester they earned .5 credit and a 5 is averaged into their GPA. 


    This type of bleneded transcript is common when a school district makes a grading change and so colleges and universities are used to interpreting the classes and grades but as you will see, the standard 0-4 GPA process is still in place. At the bottom of the transcript will be the following key to help explain the information:


    transcript key