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    Adaptation Lab Report Due Tues, 12/11

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    Lesson Plans for the Week of:  November 19
    [Please note that these lesson are guides for the week but may be modified as the week goes on as adjustments are usually made based on what is accomplished each day and what changes are required in order to maximize the learning]
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    • Lab Report Review and Tips
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     Adaptation Lab Report
    On Friday, 11/16, the very detailed lab report instructions were handed out and were to be glued into the Journals. To see another copy of those instructions, click here. You can use what you want but I HIGHLY suggest doing this on Google Docs so you will always have access to your lab report to work on it wherever you are at. 
    Suggested Timeline
    Time is not your friend for this lab report. History has proven that those who put this off to the last minute tend to fail and on a grand scale. Here is a suggested timeline to keep you on track for success:

    Wed, 11/21 – Document formatted, heading, title and all section headings done

    Sun, 11/26 – Procedures section complete

    Thurs, 11/29 – Have Purpose through Procedures typed

    Sun, 12/2 – Results section complete

    Thurs, 12/6 – Discussion Questions and Lab Partners done

    Sun, 12/9 - Have a non-peer review all typed work matched up with instructions to make sure you did not miss anything

    Mon, 12/10 - Turn in report a day early so you do not have to worry about it


    Tips For Avoiding Silly Points

    On Tuesday, 11/20, I spent most of the class going over the lab report instructions in detail and pointed out areas that traditionally students mess up. Here is a recap of those tips:

    BEFORE you type ANY content, change the formatting settings, write you heading in the upper right-hand corner, center your title after heading, and typle out all section headings in bold and underlinned. THEN you can go back and add content.

     How to change margins:



    How to change line spacing:

    line spacing screen shot


    This is only ONE sentence and will start “The purpose of this lab was to….”



    If the seagull chose its food by the first mussel that stood out, then I predict by the end of the 3rd generation that there would be 20 black, 4, blue, 7 grey….


    You must give actual numbers and it must be in just one sentence (no bullet points)



    One bullet point for the material and one bullet point for the listing out all the colors of the felt dots

    Make sure you are VERY descriptive of the material. Colors are not proper nouns so should not be capitalized



    - No personal pronouns (I, she, he, we, they, our, mine, yours, theirs,) and all job titles are proper nouns so must be capitalized

    - The Seagull did NOT choose the mussels randomly – it was based on which stood out

    - Make sure to add details in exactly how the Seagull chose the mussel – “close eyes, then open and choose first dot seen”

    - What things were the Seagull not allowed to do?

    - What job did the Sorter do?

    - What did the Counter do?

    - What did the Recorder do?

    - How did you physically reproduce the dots?

    - Last step is “repeat these steps two more times for the F2 and F3 generations



    - Make sure everything in the data table is centered left-right

    - If a color became extinct, you must write 0 in that column

    - Verify that every column adds up to 80

    - Your data table will have 4 columns of data but your graph will ONLY be Original Population and F3

    - Your graph must have a descriptive title like “Mussel Population Between Original Population vs F3

    - both axis must be labeled and there must be a key


    Here are some videos to help with graphs and data tables:


    graph video        data table screen shot


    Discussion Questions

    - Each answer must be numbered and the question has to be built into the answer (complete sentence)

    #1 the start of the lab had all 8 different colors but by the 3rd generation all of the bright colors were eaten.

    #3 there were 2 very specific things about the outcome (reproduction) that would not happen in reality – explain both. Do not talk about sexual reproduction requires two mussels - this is on the outcome, not the actual reproduction part. 


    Lab Partners

    - All four jobs – Seagull, Counter, Sorter, Recorder – must be accounted for even if one person had two jobs

    - You must correctly spell the first and last name of each person


    Make sure there are no unnecessary gaps at the bottom of a page. You can (and probably will) split the data table between two pages but you cannot break up the graph. 

    It is massively important that every student and parent/guardian reads the 2018-2019 Science Syllabus. This outlines the grading policies, expectations, lab safety contract, and how to guarantee success in Science class this year. 
    If you ever have ANY questions you must reach out to me to get help. Besides just coming up to me and asking your question, here are 2 easy ways to get your questions answers:
    1) Email - my email address is paul.strauss@dvusd.org and know that I check it several times each night at home.  
    2) Text Message - you can always text me directly at (602) 345-1867 [Note this is only a text number using Google Voice so if you call it, all you will get is voice mail]
    3) Text Blasts - Another way to stay in touch is to sign up for my text blasts. I will frequently send out text blasts (which can also be received as emails if you wish) giving you reminders on due dates as well as important tips and advice in how to do well in class. Here is how you sign up by texting the following message to the following number:  
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