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    Hello, Families of West Wing School,

    As you know, West Wing School works hard to deliver a strong academic program to students. Because I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient or I.Q.) alone does not make successful children and adults, West Wing School also provides Character Education for students.


    All Things E.Q. (Emotional Quotient) is a Character Education program that focuses on four key questions:


    1. Am I being kind and helpful in this moment?

    2. Am I using positive self-talk?

    3. Am I making an honest effort?

    4. Am I focusing on solutions instead of problems?


    We partner with All Things E.Q. because they provide short lessons that teach communications skills to our students to better prepare them for college, career readiness, and life. The insights do not interfere with our academic instruction. In fact, in an independent, four-year comparative study, an All Things E.Q. school earned higher scores in both Math and English Language Arts than the school not using the program. All Things E.Q. has also been shown to increase student attendance and decrease student referrals.


    Character traits, such as self-motivation, communication skills, and grit, to name a few, are vital factors in a student’s future successes and become important habits our students take with them into the world. To create positive habits for our students, we provide our parent community with updates to ensure you get the same information, at the same time, as your child. For instance, we began with the first motto:


    My day depends on me.


    To learn about the weekly motto, you can receive our parent EQ Updates. The free weekly updates can be sent directly to your email, if you choose, by opting in here:




    We are looking forward to a wonderful year,

    Shelly Schubert, Principal, and Danna Evans, All Things E.Q.