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    Upcoming Holiday Help for those in need: 

    Holiday Helpers- Adopt a Family-

    Hello, Terramar 6th Grade Families!

    As a Terramar tradition, NJHS and our Terramar Community will partner with a sister school to help make children in need smile during the holiday season. Again this year, we will partner with Mirage Elementary to help 9 families for a total of 30 children with new gifts. Each grade level will have one family assigned with a specific number. If you could please be sure all items associated with your family are labeled with that family's number, that would be great. Items in bags or boxes can just have the family number on the bag or box and should be UNWRAPPED.

    Consider sending in something from the list to your child's homeroom teacher: 

    6th Grade Team/Families






    3 Needs

    3 Wants 

    Shoe Size

    Shirt Size

    Pant Size

    Favorite color/theme/character

    Toy $20 limit






    Grocery gift card

    Ankle socks

    Phoenix Suns items

    Cardinals items

    Gift Cards

    13 men


    2XL athletic



    Suns or 

    AZ Cardinals

    Gift card






    Spandex pants

    Underwear (Reebok XL)

    Grocery gift card

    Beads for jewelry-making

    Squish mallows

    Gift cards







    Gift card






    Underwear (boxer briefs)

    Ankle socks

    Gift cards

    Pokemon cards

    Squish mallows






    Elastic waist


    Gift card


    ***If you are able to help us out, we respectfully ask that items are not religious in nature (bibles, etc…) as we are a public school and are not able to send things home that are affiliated with a religion. We also please ask that letters from the donating members not be included in gifts. While this is extremely thoughtful and kind-hearted, many families present these gifts as coming from their family members. All items should be unwrapped and new. Gift cards are accepted too.

    Collecting from- November 13th to Dec 6th.

    Dec 7th is our field trip to State Farm Stadium! 

    Paying for a Field Trip- See Below- 
    Online Payment Instructions-
    Step by Step Directions: 

    Field Trip On-Line Payment Instructions


    Logging In:

    1. Go to

    2. Log into the Student Account

         User Name = Student's PowerSchool ID Number (Lunch Number). 

         Password = Student's last name (case sensitive)

    3. Select the student you are shopping for.

    4. Select Shop/Items at your school.

    6. Select Field Trip under categories.

    7. Click on the [insert grade level] tab

    8. Select the [insert name of field trip for your grade level]

    9. Click buy ***Only click once and then look at the upper right-hand corner of your screen!  You should see it!

    10. Click on the Checkout tab in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. You will want to remove any additional field trips you may have accidentally purchased! 

    11. Enter your payment information and then click on Buy Now.

    12. All purchases on your student account will be reflected in your student history.


    Our next field trip will be in the late spring! If you would like to be considered, please make sure you have been properly trained and have completed the DVUSD Parent Volunteer Training Course.


    Dec 11th-15th Is Spirit Week!


    Winter Spirit Week Dec 11th-15th Monday, Dec 11th- Cozy Day! Wear your comfiest outfit!

    Tuesday, Dec 12th- Twinning Tuesday! Matching duos, trios, or more! Dec. 12th is our PTSA Talent Show!

    Wednesday, Dec 13th- Sports Day! Represent your favorite sport or sports team!

    Thursday, Dec 14th- Winter Spirit Day! Wear your favorite winter spirit wear!

    Friday, Dec 15th- Titan Spirit Day! Represent Terramar Titans or wear green!


    Dec. 12th is our PTSA Talent Show!  


  • 6th Grade Team Contact Info:

    Team #1 Kim Gibson ELA and SS and Patrick Kingsbury Math and Science 

    Mrs. Gibson in room 228 can be reached at 623.445.7675 and at

    Mr. Kingsbury in room 225 can be reached at 623.445.7673  and at

    Team 2: Buffy Vandenboom ELA and SS and Rhiannon Warren Math and Science 

    Mrs. Vandenboom in room 223 can be reached at 623.445.7671 and at

    Miss Warren in room 226 can be reached at 623.445.7674 and at

    Communication Protocol


    *********Curriculum Update******

    Nov 27th-Dec 15:

    ELA: We begin our second novel, about the Great Depression-Bud, Not Buddy. We will focus on both those fiction and non-fiction elements as we look for figurative language elements and character growth through the lens of a young boy in the Great Depression this time. 

    Math: We will start our next unit, Unit 4: Dividing Fractions. In this unit, students will create a deeper understanding of division, including how to divide using fractions, and students will master the standardized algorithm of division.  

    SS: We will continue to understand those GRAPES elements applied to Ancient China and how many of their inventions were the necessary foundation of our society today. 

    Science: Students will be exploring Seasons, Tides, and Constellations in Unit 3. Students will answer questions such as: What would happen to our Earth if we changed the tilt of its axis? Why does the Earth experience day and night? How do seasons happen, and why do constellations appear to move? 


Team Pic
  •   2023-2024  Specials Schedule Specials Calendar

      Semester 1: August - Winter Break
      Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
    Art- Gaytano Kingsbury Kingsbury Gibson Vandenboom Vandenboom Warren
    Music- Abbott Gibson Gibson Kingsbury Warren Warren Vandenboom
    PE- Harman Warren Warren Warren Kingsbury Kingsbury Kingsbury
    PE- Mathis Vandenboom Vandenboom Vandenboom Gibson Gibson Gibson
      Semester 2: January- Summer Break
      Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
    Art- Gaytano Gibson Gibson Kingsbury Warren Warren Vandenboom
    Music- Abbott Kingsbury Kingsbury Gibson Vandenboom Vandenboom Warren
    PE- Harman Warren Warren Warren Kingsbury Kingsbury Kingsbury
    PE- Mathis Vandenboom Vandenboom Vandenboom Gibson Gibson Gibson

    As we work on our essential behavior skills, eating with your student will start Aug. 14th. 

    Regular Day Schedule and  Early Release 90 minutes on Friday 

    Regular Day 8:15-3:00   Early Release 8:15-1:30
    RTI 8:15-9:00   RTI 8:15-8:45
    Specials 9:00-9:45   Specials 8:50-9:15
    Science/SS 9:45-10:30   Science/SS 9:20-10:15
    Science/SS 10:35-11:20   Science/SS 10:20-11:05
    Lunch 11:25-11:45   Recess 11:05-11:15
    Recess 11:45-12:00   Lunch 11:15-11:40
    Reading/Math 12:05-1:30   Reading/Math 11:45-12:30
    Reading/Math 1:30-3:00   Reading/Math 12:30-1:30
  • We thank you for all your support both inside and outside the classroom. If you would like to contribute to our classes, check out our Amazon Wish List Below. Thank you again for your support! 

    Mrs. Gibson's Amazon Wish List

    Mrs. Vandeboom's Amazon Wish List


    6th Grade Team Website      District Calendar 

    • Digital Citizenship for at-home discussion: Click here

    • Consider joining our Terramar PTSA PTSA Webpage

    • All Assignments are available on Canvas

    • Check PowerSchool with your students for assignments and grades. Contact the office for our own log-in password.

    Terramar's Titan Behavior System:

    Be A Titan-- Positive Behavior Intervention System

    Titan Passport

    The Titan Passport was designed to represent a structured behavior program designed for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. The Titan Passport is a communication tool between school and home that shares positive interactions and infractions on students’ behavior while on campus. Students have the opportunity to earn monthly rewards based on their positive behavior at school.

    The Titan passport will be utilized during all classes, to give students the reinforcement of positive behaviors and reminders of school expectations. The passports are designed to travel between home and school, to give parents an idea on how students are performing behaviorally. Each teacher/administrator has the right to use his/her professional judgment to modify this plan for individual students as needed.

    Titan Passports are utilized on a monthly basis, students will have the opportunity to restart each month earning positives and infractions. For the first few months, students will be given grace and patience with lost and/or damaged cards. After the 1st quarter, students will be charged $0.50 for each replacement card and will also receive an infraction for not being prepared. For every 3 infractions students will receive a lunch detention. If teachers see that students are earning more infractions than positives, they will work with the administration to determine if the Passport is right for the student.

    At the end of every month, students will have the opportunity to turn their passports points into prizes at the Titan Store. Identifiable points are Positives - Infractions = Final Points. In addition to the Titan Store, some grade levels have identified “extra rewards” for those students who meet a specific point value. The school will also hold random days to celebrate students’ positive achievements.

    The Passports will be collected by the school to review any trends, analyze the data, and determine outcomes that can help identify necessary positive interventions for the campus.

    Physical/verbal aggression, theft, vandalism, threatening acts, fighting, or any other major infraction listed in the DVUSD Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook will warrant bypassing the Titan Passport guidelines and will result in immediate consequences.


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