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    Welcome to 8th grade math
    Supply list for 2019-2020 year (includes the 7th graders taking 8th grade math)
    • $15-$25 calculator (I suggest purchasing the TI-30 or TI-36)  Click here to purchase one from Amazon
    • pencils and erasers
    • handheld pencil sharpener
    • pens and highlighters
    • scissors
    • glue sticks
    • protractor
    • index cards for making flash cards for vocab and memorizing equations or you can use an app on your phone if you prefer
    • folder for keeping all your math papers together
    • math notebook (this can be a spiral notebook, composition book, or binder with loose leaf paper)  You may want a math notebook that is all graph paper or dot paper if you prefer.  We will do a lot of graphing throughout the entire year in our notes.  I'm going to be using this kind from Amazon.  This will help so you don't need to cut out  graphs and glue them into your notes as much.
    • at least 2 packages of loose-leaf graph paper (leave one package at home to use as needed)
    • at least 2 packages of loose-leaf notebook paper (leave one package at home to use as needed)

    Math Class Donations of Supplies we need please

    • 2 packages of loose-leaf paper
    • 1 package of graph paper
    • box of tissues
    Email is the quickest way to reach me:   christine.clarkson@dvusd.org
    Text Blasts for 2018-2019 
    For 8th grade math, text:   @msclarkson    to the number:   81010
    To access the math curriculum online:
       Directions to access Big Ideas Math book, click here
    Arizona State Standards for 8th grade math
    Dream Box for additional help
    Students should be working on Dream Box per week for 60-90 minutes and should complete 7-8 lessons each week to see growth
    Other Website Resources for math help for both 8th grade math and Algebra
        www.khanacademy.org:  Search for the topic you need help with and it will give you short videos that give you example problems.  You can also set up an account and take a 10-question pretest to assess your level.  It will build you lessons on what you need work on.  Includes math from basic counting kindergarten work up through calculus.
        www.learnzillion.com:  Search for the topic and click "video lessons" and you can watch short videos that give you example problems and show the work on how to do the problem.
        www.ixl.com:  practice questions from kinder through precalculus
    2019-2020 Syllabus
    • will be uploaded in August
    Test Corrections
    You may choose only ONE assessment each quarter to fix.  You have one week after receiving your graded test or quiz back to work on test corrections and resubmit.  No late test corrections will be accepted.  

    Tuesday mornings from 8:00-8:30am and Wednesdays after school from 3:30-4:00pm.  Students need to bring work they need help on during tutoring time or questions they need additional help with.  Do not just show up not knowing what you need to work on and tell me "my mom told me to come in".  

    Class notes
    notes will be uploaded here for each chapter after the lesson in case you are absent or need the notes
    Lesson Plans & Homework for the Week of:  
    (subject to change)
    8th grade math:  
    8th grade math:  
    8th grade math:  
    8th grade math:  
    8th grade math: