Safe Schools Plan

  • School Assembly

    As a parent/guardian to a child at DVUSD schools, you are an essential partner to the safety of your children.

    In the event of an emergency situation, PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THE SCHOOL! 

    When the news breaks that an emergency is taking place at a school, every parent's first reaction is to rush to the campus to pick up his or her child. All staff members and emergency personnel are working to end the situation as soon as possible, while keeping students safe. Your presence on campus may clog parking lots and roadways, possibly hindering emergency efforts.  
    Parent procedures when an emergency occurs on or near a Deer Valley campus:
    • Check your school's website for information and updates. (In a crisis situation, the school’s front office may not answer the phone as their main concern is ensuring the safety of students and staff on-site and keeping lines of communication open with the crisis team.)
    • Please DO NOT GO TO THE SCHOOL. All staff members and emergency personnel are working to keep students safe.
    • Check your email, texts and phone messages for information that the school will send out after the emergency has concluded. Depending on the type of crisis situation, students may be asked to text their parents/guardians to let them know that they are safe. 
    • Please rely only on official information from law enforcement, your child's school, or the school district during an emergency. Unofficial information on social media and other platforms may be inaccurate and possibly detrimental to resolving the situation.
    • Know to which location your children will relocate, if necessary. (Listing of relocation/reunification locations.)


    PLEASE NOTE: At times, we realize that it may seem as if information is not forthcoming or not being released quickly. During an emergency event, the district is actively working with the crisis teams to obtain and confirm accurate information. The District is very careful about the information that is released, and therefore, it may take time to share the facts of the situation. We appreciate the patience of our community as we carry out due diligence in information-gathering and sharing.

    All Deer Valley schools have developed comprehensive emergency response plans which have been reviewed by local police and fire officials, as well as the district's insurance carrier. Each school site conducts regular fire evacuation drills, lockdown drills, and bus evacuation drills throughout the school year with students and staff so all parties know how to quickly and appropriately react to an emergency. 

    If you have questions about emergency procedures in our schools, please contact the Administrative Leadership & Services Department at 623-445-4951. This number is available from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. school days. If there is a safe school issue at any other time, please call the Answer Now Line at 602-787-3974.