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  • From Curtis Finch Jr., PhD

    Dr. Finch at the DeskWhenever I have the chance to answer educational questions from students, parents, legislators, and community members, some version of this question usually comes up: “What do you think are the keys to success in school?” These three are the first that come to mind: 1) early and sustained commitment to reading; 2) early learning opportunities; and 3) early interventions. All learning research points to the importance of the developmental years for future educational success. The younger the journey starts, the better.

    Combining these three keys (reading, experiences, and interventions) into one educational statement interconnects learning as a journey, not a destination. Family members will increase the likelihood of academic success by reading early and often to their student/child/sibling. Enrolling in pre-school and all-day kindergarten benefits students tremendously. Other educational experiences such as concerts, museums, parks, historical places, camps, aquariums, zoos, or theme parks are also extremely beneficial. With the explosion of internet destinations, families may travel around the world from the comfort of their living rooms. If a student begins to show signs of falling behind in school, working with teachers and school staff benefits the child getting back on track – the earlier the intervention, the better.

    Pre-school and Kindergarten in the Deer Valley Unified School District (DVUSD) help lay the essential foundation for student learning. Parents understand the quality of education at DVUSD and look forward to sending their children. While many districts in the state are reporting student enrollment declines this year, DVUSD enrollment is up 2.5% - Kindergarten jumped 8.9% this year alone! Over 92% of the DVUSD 40 schools are A or B rated, reinforcing DVUSD’s rise to the top! Beginning November 1-4 and March 1-3, DVUSD will host Kindergarten Preview Nights at all K-6 and K-8 campuses. Parents may tour classrooms, visit staff, and ask questions. There are virtual and in-person options and the schedules for each school are detailed on our Kindergarten Events Page...

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