Sprague Classroom Procedures Q and A

    These are the most often asked questions by students and my answers.  However procedures change with each new group as needed.


    How, and When do I pack up to leave?

    Put assignment back in binder and replace

    Put back borrowed materials

    Clean up – especially snack items

    Push in chair

    This changes from day to day, I will tell U


    Do We Line up?

    Never – stay seated until you are dismissed


    When can I enter the room?

    When you are invited in by myself or the "Pig Protector" 


    How do I prepare for class each day?

    Get out planner, look at board for needed tools, Get binder, pull out previous work, review key concepts packet


    What If I don’t have my tools for class?

    Look in bins to borrow and return


    Where can I get paper?

    Baskets on both sides of room


    When can We stand up and stretch?

    Whenever you are working independently

    Need a class stretch - ask


    What If I forget to get materials and you started class?

    Do it quickly and quietly

    Note: I will keep talking and teaching


    How do you get our attention?

    Pig oink      

    I say, “Team” you say, “Awesome”

    Countdown 5,4,3,2, - don’t let me get to One


    How do we get yours?

     Place asticky note near you

     Raise hand

     Stand up, come and see me


    When can we Snack?

    Whenever you are working independently


    What can we have for snacks?

    Single serving or single packed

    Healthy – no cookies/candy; NO nuts


    Can we chew gum?

    Never – this is a Gum Free campus


    When can we listen to music?

    Only if you earn L2J ATB or Homework Pass


    What if I need a tissue?

    Get up quietly and locate the nearest box


    What if I get a bloody nose?

    Grab tissues and lock eyes with me and go directly to the bathroom – wait for someone to open door if it is shut


    What if I have allergies and/or a cold?

    Grab the box and garbage can but remember to return


    When can I get up to sharpen my pencil, get a drink, ETC.?

    Whenever you are working independently


    What do I do & Where do I go During emergency drills?

    Drop everything IF the intercom states it's a drill or if I say go.

    Fire: Go straight out the classroom door –

    do not go out 7th grade door

    LockDown: Front of room


    Can we sit where we want?

     96.9 percent of the time

     You’re disruptive – I move you

      If you are working in a team and team members are disruptive – I move them

      Class is disruptive – I move all of you



    What do I do when I have to use the bathroom before or during class?

    Before – Go during Class switch times after your materials are out and ready and before I begin class

    If I’m Talking – raise hand, point to door – sign out

    During Team or Independent Work– lock eyes and sign out


    Do we have jobs?

    Only if you want them - sign up on cupboard


    What do We do if we have a guest teacher?

    Greet politely, - fold back planner for name tag - follow whatever they say

    And/or ask you to do - help them


    What do we do on Half days? TBA

    STEAM, TEAM, Me, Movie, outdoor EVENTs


    When, and How do I earn Extended Recess?

    On 1 to 2 Days each month

    Complete all Homework, Follow Team Awesome constitution


    How do I LABEL my work?

    Name & date/time in left-hand corner

    Date/time completed at end of your work

    Title of assignment on top line – centered


    How do I turn in my work?

    Check for name, dates, time stamps

    ABC order last name


    What happens If my work is at home or incomplete? ?

    Create a cover sheet: Write your name on a piece of paper, when you will turn in – no more than three days


    How do I turn in my late work?

    Find the “cover sheet” and staple to work, place in Late work bin near my desk


    How, when, and by whom is our work assessed?


    Short assignments: 24-48 hrs       Long: 1 week or more

    Mrs. Sprague, you, peers, your folks


    What do I do for Homework?

     Review Key concepts 5x week

     Vocabulary – 2x week

     Read – 80-100 pages each week

     Canvas/close reader - 1x

     Memorization as needed


    When, How, and for How Long do I check out a book and return?

    Before class, during Independent Work, before and after school


    Checkout: Use index card name of book and date         Need help selecting a book: ask

     Check in: return to correct shelf or basket then write date on card

    Two to three weeks depending on length


    What if I lose or destroy a book?

    Tell me quick and replace it


    How do I know what I missed when I was absent?

    Go to the website, 

    Weekly task folders

    Note: Need help? Make appointment with Mrs. S


    When is my absent work due?

    93.9% 2 days

    Sometimes you will have more time

    Sometimes you will need to complete ASAP


    How do I earn a Cookie?

    Complete homework



    How do I earn a Character Counts Slip?

    Complete homework   


    Small kindnesses to others







Last Modified on August 6, 2018