• The first half a the year is ending

    Posted by Robyn Cohon on 12/3/2019

    Hope all had a great Thanksgiving Break.

    With the quarter ending quickly here is a brief overview of the next few weeks.

    Reading Logs are Due December 16th.

    5/6 will be completing their unit an Japanese Internment during WWII.

    3/4 will be doing a mini unit foucsing on non fiction.

    All students should be looking a obtaining a biography on thier chosen person.

    Math retakes are December 17th.

    3rd - beginning fractions.  We will not finish before the end of the quarter.  This week a mini quiz on Thursday.  Next week on Thursday an assessment over operations with whole numbers.  Also students will receive a grade on a 100 fact test.  They have until the end of the quarter to improve that grade.

    4th - this week we are backfilling measurement skills from the 4th curriculum.  Quiz Friday.  Next week on Thursday assessment over all operations including fractions and decimals.

    5th - this week and next completing division of fractions.  Quiz this Thursday and end of unit assessment next Thursday.

    6th grade - this week and next completing Rational numbers (negatives).  Quiz this Thursday and unit assessment next Thursday.


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  • The next two weeks

    Posted by Robyn Cohon on 11/18/2019

    This blog will cover this and next week.  Next week is only 2 days.  

    3rd grade math will take their end of module 3 assessment on Friday.  Remember after THanksgiving multiplication charts are gone.

    4th grade - This week and next we will focus on the 4th grade geometry standards.  Angle and shapes.  Quiz Friday

    5th grade - Division of Fractions strategies.  Quiz Friday

    6th Grade - beginning unit 5.  Rational numbers (negatives).  The calculators will be put away.  Quiz Friday

    3/4 ELA - Finishing up Vermeer Analysis and also District reading assessment.  Analysis due date is extended to Next Tuesday.

    5/6 ELA - Begin Reading 2nd half of Manzanar Due the day we return from Thanksgiving.  5th grade eistrict Reading Assessment.  We will be focusing on after the camps and taking responsibility as a Nation.  

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  • This week in SAGE

    Posted by Robyn Cohon on 11/12/2019

    Welcome to a new week:

    In 3/4 ELA Reading students are writing a literary analysis on Chasing Vermeer.  Directions can be found in Google Classroom and we are covering each element in class.  The Final is Due Friday 11/22.  As student finish paragraphs I will reveiw and meet with them to help improve or fill gaps. Weds the summary should be in the computer and we will work on Intro and Conclusions Thursday.  The last day to work in class is next Tuesday.

    In 5/6 ELA reading we will focus on the first section of Manzanar.  We will also continue our focus on primary sources.

    3rd Math - Since they have a field trip Friday next week they will have the end of Module 3 assessment.  This week another short quiz on multiplication and division.

    4th grade Math - End of Module 4 assessment Friday.  

    5th Math - Beginning unit 4 division of fractions.  Quiz Friday

    6th Math - Completing Unit 4 end of Unit assessment Friday (percents).

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  • This Week

    Posted by Robyn Cohon on 11/4/2019

    This week in ELA reading:

    3/4 are finishingup Chasing  Vermeer and will do working on analysis questions next week.

    5/6 This week are reading and discussing the first half of Farewell to Manzanar.  We will also be doing lessons in Historical Photo Analysis.

    Math this week:

    3rd grade - continuing with Division using place value strategies along with reinforcing multiplication using the area model. Quiz Friday

    4th grade - Focusing on Fractional operations, test this week on all fraction operations focusing on multiplication and division including decimals.  Module assessment next week.

    5th grade - Completing unit 3 assessment Friday.

    6th grade math - Focus on percents including an introduction to the stock market.  Quiz Friday.  Unit assessment next week.

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  • Blog through November 1st.

    Posted by Robyn Cohon on 10/24/2019

    This entry will cover through Novemember 1st.

    Math -

    3rd grade has began division and will continue with multiplication.  Quiz October 25 on division basics and a Test over multiplication and dvision problems (no problem solving) October 31st (note this is a Thursday).  The Following week (November 8th) will be the end of Module 3 assessment.

    4th grade Math - Multiplication (and a bit of division) of fractions for module 4.  Quiz October 25th on multiplication of fractions.  Mid Module assessment on Thursday October 31.  The end of the module assessment will be November 8th.

    5th Grade math - More ratios including percents.  Quiz October 25th of using unit rate to solve problems.  Quiz October 31st (Thursday) over percents.  Unit assessment Nobember 8th.

    6th grade math - Beginning percents.  Quiz over using proportions October 25th.  Quiz over first half of unit Thursday October 31st.  

    Reading - 

    3/4 - Reading and discussing Chasing Vermeer the next several weeks.  There will be a reading assessment not related to the story each week.

    5/6 - We have been and will continue to read and analyze primary sources related to the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  This includes speeches, political cartoons, executive orders ...  We will begin reading Farwell to Manzanar in about another week.  Most of the reading will be independent so students need to keep up.  Each will there will be a reading assessment it might relate to the topic.



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  • Blog for next 2 weeks

    Posted by Robyn Cohon on 10/7/2019

    This blog entry will cover this week and next week.

    This week in SAGE we are wrapping up the quarter.  A link for conference sign up can be found on the right side of this page.


    Math-assessments retakes only this week.  All grade levels will have their weekly assessment Weds 10/16


    Reading classes are wrapping up mini units.  Poetry for 3/4 and Science fiction for 5/6.  6th grade has a narrative story due Weds 10/9.

    next week 3/4 will begin a mystery unit using Chasing Vermeer and 5/6 will begin a historical study of the Japanese Internment camps and the events leading, we will be using the book Farwell to Manzanar.



    3rd grade is working on double digit multiplication and will take the module 3 mid assessment 10/16.


    4th grade is working on adding and subtracting fractions and will take the module 3 assessment on the entire unit 10/16.


    5th grade is just beginning unit 3 which covers measurement, unit rate, and percents.  Assessment over the first part of the unit 10/16


    6th grade is completing unit 3- circles.  Unit assessment 10/16.

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  • This week

    Posted by Robyn Cohon on 9/25/2019

    Sorry for the Late blog but this will cover the next couple of weeks.

    End of the quarter is October 11th.  Reading Logs are due October 7th (Monday) and there will be an opportunity to retake a math assessment October 8th.

    Conference will take place the week of October 14th.  Check this website for a link to sign up.  My only late day will be Thursday.

    3/4 ELA Reading - we will be doing a mini unit related to poetry for the next couple of weeks.  Poets will include, but not limited to, Sandburg, Frost, Dickenson and others.  We are going to focus on figurative language along with theme.

    5/6 ELA Reading - we are doing a mini science fiction unit focusing on Asimov's "Victory Unintentional" (1942).  Focus Elements of stories and looking deeply at the message being given due to the historical events.

    3rd Math - Multiplication will be our focus for the next few weeks.  We are working up to 2x2 problems.  There will be a quiz each week.

    4th Math - This week we are finishing module 2 with the end assessment Friday.   We will then begin Fractions.

    5th Math - Completing Unit 2 Ratios.  Quiz this week and Final assessment on Thursday 10/3.

    6th Math - Unit 3 Circles.  Circumference this week (quiz Friday) area added next week.







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  • This week in SAGE

    Posted by Robyn Cohon on 9/16/2019

    This week in ELA reading 

    5/6 is completing a Literary Analysis on Poe’s The Raven

    3/4 is completing a project on Fractured Tales

    This week in Math

    3rd grade will be exploring multiple digit multiplication.  Quiz Friday

    4th grade completing module 2, division.  Quiz this week and end of module test next week.

    5th is beginning unit 2 ratios.  Quiz 5is week.

    6th is completing unit 1, end assessment this week.  Also students are completing plans for their tiny houses.

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  • This week in SAGE

    Posted by Robyn Cohon on 9/9/2019

    This week in SAGE:

    In Math this week please note all assessments will be on Thursday.

    3rd Math - Wrap up module 1 and take the end assessment on Thursday.  This includes:  place value, rounding, adding, subtracting, and comparing whole numbers.  Every student was given a copy of the practice test and Kahn academy has one that is multiple choice.

    4th Math - Mutliplication algorithm all week including decimals.  Mid Moulde assessment for module 2 on Thursday.

    5th Math - Wrapping up unit one.  Assessment over everything on Thursday.  Area of triangle and parallelograms, volume of rectangular prisms, surface area, and square and cubed numbers.

    6th Math - Continuing with Unit 2 scales.  Students are working on a plan for a tiny house drwn to scale.  300-400 sq ft.


    In ELA this week:  All students should be over 1/2 their required reading pages by now.  Reading logs are due October 7th.

    3/4 - students are working on their slide presentation for a fractured fairy tale.  THis should be completed by Friday.  After completing students will begin planning their original fractured tale.

    5/6 - students are anlayzing Poe's "The Raven" and will be beginning to write a literary analysis (multi paragraph).  If will be in Google Classroom.

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  • This week in SAGE

    Posted by Robyn Cohon on 9/1/2019

    Welcome to the 4th full week of school.

    In math this week:  All assessments will be on Friday unless noted.

    3rd grade will have an assessment over all of module 3.  By the time this week started we have already covered all the concepts so we will be beginning to ove into multiplication.  Students will begin taking multiplication fact timed test to increase fluency but they will not count for a grade.

    4th Grade will begin module 2.  We will be making our way into the multiplication algorithm.  We will have a quiz on multiplication this week.

    5th Math will begin Unit 2 ratios relationships.  We will have a quiz this week.

    6th Math will begin unit 1 which will apply our proportion knowledge to scales.

    In ELA Reading:

    3/4 will begin their fractured fairy tale project.  Each student will use google slides and analyze a fractured tale compared to the traditional tale.  I have several in class to choose from.

    5/6 we will be beginning to read and analyze Poe's "The Raven."  Students will be writing a full analysis essay (not untill the following week).


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