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  • Week of 12/9/19

    Posted by Rebecca Green on 12/6/2019

    We do not have a weekly packet this week.  We are writing a book for someone in the class and wrapping it up as a present.  This is due by Friday, December 13th.

    Friday, December 13th is an early release day!

    We had so much fun decorating our Gingerbread Houses last week!  They turned out beautiful and yummy!  Thank you to all the volunteers that came to make this event so successful!

    This week we will continue focusing on all the letters and sounds, especially the letter Ff.  The students should be able to recognize and reproduce the sound when they see all letters now, in isolation and in words.  This week your child will learn how to properly write the uppercase and lowercase Ff.  You may want to practice this skill at home.  Remember to have them hold their pencil properly and begin at the top or the middle, never at the bottom.   This week your child will continue to learn the high-frequency words: see, look, and they should also be able to recognize the following high-frequency words:  I, am, the, little, to, a, have, is, we, my, like, he, for, in, it, can , an, me, with, she.   I would recommend that with any skill that your child is working on that you have flashcards for them to use daily for a quick practice.  We are continuing our study of comparison of weights using heavier than and lighter than.  All students are expected to write their first names with a capital letter followed by lowercase letters properly by now.  In writing we are focusing on writing 2 sentences using our high-frequency words and then initial, medial, and ending sounds of unknown words (ex:  I put up my Crismus tre.  I like to look at the prite lits.  = I put up my Christmas tree.  I like to look at the pretty lights.)

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