• Newsletter for January 24-28th

    January 24-28th Assignments in ELA/SS

     Monday- Reading-M6C2D2-Vocab., Rdg. W.S., Amplify; M7D3 Vocab.; SS 4-10 The Nation Begins to Divide Project

    Tuesday- Reading-M6C2D3 Decoding; Rdg. WS with Vocab. Play, Louis Play!; Writing- M7D4 Pre-writing; SS 4-11 Westward Expansion Quiz

    Wednesday- Reading-M6C2D4-Vocab., Rdg. WS with Vocab.; Amplify; Writing- M7D5 Writing the Thesis; SS 4-12 Mapping Westward Expansion

    Thursday- Reading-M6C2D5- Generative Vocab., Rdg. WS; Writing- M7-D6 Research I; SS- 4-13 Timeline of Events Day 1

    Friday-Reading-M6C2D6-Assessment; Writing- M7-07 Research II; SS 4-14 Westward Expansion Timeline Day 2

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  • Newsletter for January 18-21

    January 18-21st Assignments in ELA/SS


    Monday- No School- MLK day

    Tuesday- M6C1D3 Decoding, Vocab., Rdg WS with Vocab., Writing: M5-D18 Share your ZOO R.A.C.E.R.; SS-4-06 War of 1812

    Wednesday- M6C1D4 Vocab., Rdg WS, Amplify; Writing-M6D2 Intro to Focal Text-Informative; SS- 4-07 Adams-Onis Treaty

    Thursday-M6C1D5-Vocab., Rdg. WS, Amplify; Writing-M6D3 Reading the Focal Text; SS- 4-8 Nation Divides-the North

     Friday-M6C2D1 Decoding, Spelling, Rdg. WS with Vocab.; Spelling Test; Amplify; SS- 4-9 Nation Divides- the South

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  • Newsletter for Jan. 10-14

    Monday- Reading-M5C3D4 Rdg. WS with Vocab. Cause and Effect; Writing-M5-D13 Editing I; SS- 4-03 Lewis and Clark Explore

    Tuesday-Reading- M5C3D5 Vocab. Discussion Board; Rdg WS- On Demand Opinion; Writing- M5-D14 Grammar; SS- 4-04 Lewis and Clark Project I

    Wednesday- Reading- M5C3D6-Assessment; Writing- M5-D15 Editing II Peer Proofing; SS- 4-05 Lewis and Clark Project II

    Thursday-Reading- M6C1D1- Decoding, Spelling, Vocab. Get Curious Video; Writing- M5-D16 Publishing; SS- 4-06 War of 1812

    Friday-Reading- M5C1D2- Rdg. WS myBook; Writing- M5-D17 Sharing/Reflection; SS 4-07 The Adams-Onis Treaty

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  • Newsletter for Jan. 4-7

                        January 4-7th Assignments in ELA/SS


    Tuesday-  Reading: M5C2D6 Review and Assessment; Writing- Opinion/Editoril M5-D9 Revising I-Elaboration; SS- 4-04 Lewis and Clark Project

    Wednesday- Reading: M5C3D1 Decoding, Spelling HW Suffixes, Vocab. Rdg. WS; Writing-M5D-10 Revising II- Conferencing; SS 4-05 Lewis and Clark Project Continued

    Thursday- Reading: M5C3D2 Vocab. Homophones and homographs; Rdg. WS: Author’s Purpose; Writing: M5-D11 Revising III Incorporating Feedback; SS- 4-06 War of 1812

    Friday- -Reading M5C3D3 Decoding, Vocab.-Roots and Affixes; Rdg. WS: Graphic Features; Writing- M5-D12; SS- 4-07 The Adams-Onis Treaty

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  • Newsletter for December 13-17

    December 13-17th Assignments in ELA/SS


    Monday-  Reading- M5C2D1-Decoding, Spelling, Rdg. WS with Vocab.;Writing- M5-D5 Prewriting- Preparing to Write; SS 2-32 U.S. Region Poster

    Tuesday-Reading-M5C2D2-Vocab., Rdg WS, Elements of Drama; Writing- M5-D6 Research; SS- 2-33 U.S. Region Poster and Discussion

    Wednesday- Reading- M5C2D3-Decoding, Rdg. WS with Vocab.- Synthesizing; Writing- M5-D7 Drafting I- Writing a Draft; SS- 4-01 Westward Expansion Unit- Expanding the Nation

    Thursday-Reading- M5 C2D4-Rdg. WS with Vocab.-Literary Elements; Writing- M5-D8- Completing the Draft

    Friday-Reading- M5C2D5-Vocab. Root words, Rdg. WS-Figurative Lang. Writing-M5D8 Continued; SS- 4-03 Lewis and Clark Explore

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  • Newsletter for Dec. 6-10

    December 6-10th  Assignments in ELA/SS


    Monday-  Reading- M5C1D2; Writing- M4-D18; SS- Share your Country

    Tuesday- Reading- M5C1D3; Writing- M5-D1; SS-2-26

    Wednesday- Reading-M5C1D4; Writing- M5-D2; SS- 2-27

    Thursday-Reading-M5C1D5; Writing-M5-3; SS-2-28

     Friday-Reading-M5C1D6-Assessment; Writing-M5-D4; SS-2-29

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  • Newsletter for Nov. 29-Dec. 3

                        November 29th-December 3rd- Assignments in ELA/SS

    Monday-  M4-C3-D3 Vocabulary, Reading Workshop; Writing- M4-D13 Revising III-Friendly Letter; SS- 3-24-Write Your Own Article 1

    Tuesday- M4C3D4 Vocabulary, Reading Workshop; Writing-M4-D14 Revising III; SS- 3-25 Write Your Own Article 2

    Wednesday- M4C3D5 Reading Workshop; Writing-M4-D15 Editing I; SS-3-26 Write Your Own Article 3

    Thursday-M4C3D6 Assessment; Writing- M4-D16 Grammar; SS- 3-27 Write Your Own Bill of Rights

    Friday-M5-C1 D1 Decoding, Spelling, Vocabulary Writing- M4-D16; Focal Text; SS- 3-27 Submit Your Constitution

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  • Newsletter and Lessons for November 15-19 1

                        November 15-19th Assignments in ELA/SS

    Monday-  Rdg. WS with Vocab., myBook Homesteading; Writing: M4-D10 Grammar; SS-3-20 Lesson Review

    Tuesday- Vocabulary; Rdg. WS., myBook Homesteading; Writing M4-D11 Revising I; SS 3-21 Ratifying the Constitution

    Wednesday- M4C2D6 Rdg. Assessment; Writing: M4-D12 Grammar; SS- 3-22 Bill of Rights

    Thursday-M4C3D1-Decoding, Spelling, Rdg. WS with Vocab.; Writing M4-D13 Revising II; SS- 3-23 Write Your Own Preamble

    Friday- M4C3D1 Vocab., Rdg WS, myBook The Day in the Life of a Pioneer Family in 1840; Writing: M4-D14-Revising III; SS- 3-24 Write your own Article I

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  • Newsletter for Nov. 8-12

    November 8-12th Assignments in ELA/SS

    Monday- Reading-M4C1D6 Module 4 Week 1 Assessment; Writing M4-D6-Informative On-Demand Prompt; SS-3-15

    Tuesday- Reading-M4C2D1-Decoding, Spelling, Rdg WS w/Vocab.; Writing- M4-D7 Drafting I; SS-Federalism

    Wednesday- Reading-M4C2D2 Vocabulary, Rdg WS; Writing-M4-D8 Drafting II; 3-17 Federalists and Anti-Federalists


    Friday-Spelling Test-11, Reading-M4C2D3-Decoding, Vocabulary, Rdg. WS; Writing-M4-D9 Completing the Draft; SS-Making Amendments

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  • Newsletter for November 1-5

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  • Newsletter for October 25-29

    October 25-29 Assignments in ELA/SS

    Monday- Reading M3C3D2 Synonyms/Antonyms; Writing- M3D14 Editing I-Grammar, Usage, Mechanics; SS- Key Concepts of the Constitution

    Tuesday- Reading: M3C3D3- Decoding: VCCV patterns; prefixes; Rdg. WS- Content Words; Writing: M3D15 Ediitng II; SS- 3-7 Separation of Powers

    Wednesday- Reading: M3C3D4 prefixes, Rdg. WS: Text Structure; Writing: M3D16-Editing III; SS-Who Can Become President?

    Thursday- Reading: MCD3D5- Vocabulary, Rdg. WS- synthesis; Writing: M3D17- Final Draft; SS-Who Do I Want to Become President

    Friday- Reading: MCD3D6- Assessment; Writing M3D18- Publish the Persuasive Essay!! SS-The Judicial Branch


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  • Newsletter for Week of Oct. 18

    October 18-22nd Assignments in ELA/SS


    Monday- Reading: M3C2D4-Vocabulary Strategy, Multiple Meaning Words, Reading Workshop-Author’s Craft; Writing: M3D13- Revising II; Social Studies: 3-2- Articles of Confederation

    Tuesday- Reading: M3C2D5- Gen. Vocab. Greek-Latin Roots; Rdg. WS; Writing- M3D14 Editing I; SS-New Government Troubles

    Wednesday- Reading: Assessment in HMH; Writing: M3D15-Editing II;

    SS-3-4Northwest Alliance

    Thursday-(Half Day); M3C3D1 Decoding, Spelling, Reading Workshop w/ Vocab.; Writing-M3D16-Editing III, Grammar/Mechanics;

    SS- 3-5-Constitutional Convention

    Friday- -(Half Day); M3C3D1 Decoding, Spelling, Reading Workshop w/ Vocab.; Writing-M3D16-Editing III, Grammar/Mechanics;

    SS- 3-5-Constitutional Convention



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  • Newsletter for October 13

    Monday- No School- Fall Break

    Tuesday- No School-Fall Break

    Wednesday- ELA School City Q1 Interim; Writing: M3D10

    Thursday-Social Studies Constructive Response Part 1 in School City; Writing: M3D11

    Friday- Social Studies Constructive Response Part 2 in School City; Writing: M3D12

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  • Newsletter for October 4

    Weekly Assignments in ELA/SS

    Monday—Reading: M3C1D5 Rdg. WS with Vocab., Context Clues; Writing- M3D4 Vocabulary; SS-u2-24 American Revolution Timeline Part 5


    Tuesday-Reading-M3C1D6 Assessment; Writing- M3D5 Prewriting- Preparing to Write; SS- U2-22 A.R. Part 3


    Wednesday- Reading M3C2D1- Spelling/HW, Compound Words, Rdg. W.S. with Vocab., Summarizing; M3D6 Preparing to Write- Mindset; SS- U2-23 AR Part 4

    Thursday-Reading- M3C2D2 Vocab. Strategy-Multiple Meaning Words, Rdg. WS, Media techniques; Writing- M3D8- Prewriting-Choosing a Topic; SS-U2-24 A.R. Part 5


    Friday—Reading-M3C2D3 Decoding Compound Words; Rdg WS- Vocab. Main Idea-myBook Quaking Earth, Racing Waves; Writing- M3D9-Drafting I- Beginning the Persuasive draft




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  • Newsletter for September 27

              In Class Assignments in ELA/SS for the Week

    Monday--Reading, M2C3D6 Mod. 2-Week 3 Assessment; Writing: M3D1 Priming the Student; SS-U2-19 American Revolution Timeline Overview


    Tuesday-Reading: M3C1D1 Spelling/HW; Decoding; Reading Workshop-Author’s Craft; Writing M3D2 Priming the Text; SS-U2-20 American Revolution Timeline Part 1


    Wednesday- Reading: M3C1D2 Reading WS/with Vocab. MyBook:Eruption! Volcanoes; Writing: District Narrative Writing Prompt and Submission; SS-U2-21 American Revolution Timeline Part 2


    Thursday-Reading: M3C1D3 Decoding; Vocab, Multiple Meaning Words; Rdg. Workshop-Text Structure; Writing-M3D3-Read the Focal Text; SS- U2-22 American Revolution Timeline Part 3


    Friday—Reading: M3C1D4 Latin/Greek Roots, Reading Workshop- Imagery; Writing: M3D4 Vocabulary; SS- U2-23 American Revolution Timeline Part 4

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  • Newsletter for September 20th

    In Class Assignments in ELA/SS for the week

    Monday--Reading, M2C3D1 Spelling/HW, Decoding; Rdg. WS: Generalizing Questions; Writing: M2D14 Grammar: Prep. Phrases; SS-U2-12 American Revolution Bio Part 4


    Tuesday-Reading: M2C3D2 Vocab./Context Clues The Poem That Will Not End; Rdg. WS-Elements of Poetry; Writing M2 D15 Grammar: Verb Tense; SS-U2-13


    Wednesday- Reading: M2C3D3 Generative Vocab. Rdg. WS- Author’s Purpose; Writing: M2D16 Editing I: Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics, SS-U2-14


    Thursday-Reading: M2C3D4 Rdg. WS with Vocab. –Theme; Writing-M2-D17 Publishing; SS- U2-14


    Friday—Reading: M2C3D5 Vocab.: Critical Vocab. instruction, Rdg. WS: Synthesizing; Writing: M2-D18 Narrative Reflection; SS- U2-15


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  • Newsletter for September 13th Week

    In Class Assignments in ELA/SS for the week

    Monday--Reading, M2C2D2 Vocabulary- Antonyms-Synonyms; Rdg. WS-Literary Elements; Figurative Language; Writing: Module 2- Day 9;

    SS- U2-07-Battle of Saratoga


    Tuesday-Reading: M2C2D3 Decoding with patterns, Rdg.WS w/Vocabulary; visualization-MyBook-Miracle of Spring, Figuative Language; Writing: M2D10 Drafting III-Completing the Draft; SS-U2-008-End of War


    Wednesday- Reading: M2C2D4 Vocabulary Strategy; Rdg. WS, Synonyms; Anytonyms Elements of Drama; Figurative Language; Writing: M2-D11-Revising II-Dialogue


    Thursday-Reading: M2C2D5 Generative Vocab.; Rdg WS-

    FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE J; Writing- M2-D12-Grammar; SS U2-10- American Revolution Bio- Part 1

    Friday—Reading: M2C2D6 Assessment-Week 2; Writing M2-D13 Revising IV- Developing Interesting Characters; SS-U2-11- American Revolution Bio

    Part 2

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  • Newsletter for September 6

    In Class Assignments in ELA/SS for the week



    Wednesday-Reading, M2C1D5; Reading WS with Vocab., Compare/Contrast; Writing: M2D6 Drafting II; SS- U2-05 Loyalists/Patriots


    Thursday-Reading:M2C1D6 Assessment for Week 1 Story; Writing: M2D7 Drafting III-Completing the Draft; SS-U2-06 British/Colonial Armies


    Friday-full day Reading: Module 2C2D1 Spelling/HW, Rdg. WS with Vocab. MyBook- The Secret Garden; Writing: M2D8 Revising I-Elaboration/Organization


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  • Newsletter for week of August 30

    In Class Assignments in ELA/SS for the week

    Monday- Reading: End of Module1 Assessment; Writing: M2-01 Opening Mindset;  SS-American Revolution-Unit 2-01 British/French Revolution

    Tuesday- M2-C1-D1-Spelling/HW; Decoding; Reading Workshop with Vocab., Writing: M2-D2 Intro. To Focal Text; SS-Unit 2-02 The French and Indian War

    Wednesday- Picture Day; Reading: M2-C1-D2 ; Vocab., Rdg. WS- Synthesize; Writing- M2-D3-Review Focal Text; SS- Unit 2-03 Colonial Protest

    Thursday- M2-C1-D3 Decoding; Rdg. WS-Plot Elements ; Writing: M2-D4 Prewriting- Preparing to Write; SS Unit 2-04 Revolution Begins

    Friday- (Early Release Day 1:30) Reading: M2-C1-D4 Vocabulary-Prefixes/Suffixes; Rdg WS-Figurative Languade; Writing: M2-D5 Drafting I-Beginning the Draft; SS- Unit 2-05 Loyalist/Patriots



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  • Newsletter for August 23

    In Class Assignments in ELA/SS for the week

     Monday- M1-C3-D1-Reading Workshop with Vocab., Inferences-Captain Arsenio; Writing: M1-D15-Editing I; SS- Colonial Gov.

    Tuesday- M1-C3-D1-Spelling/HW-long vowel I/O; Writing: Editing II- Peer Proofreading; SS- Colonial Economy

    Wednesday- M1-C3-D2- Reading Vocabulary; Reference Materials, Rdg. WS-Plot; Writing- M1-D17 Publishing; Social Studies- Daily Life in the Colonies

    Thursday- Reading Assessment-Week 2/CFA, M1-C3-D3 Rdg. WS-Author’s Voice; Writing: M1D18 Sharing; Social Studies-Colonial Brochure Part 1

    Friday- (Early Release Day 1:30)

    Reading Workshop with vocabulary; Writing: Sharing continued; Social Studies: Colonial Brochure Part 2


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  • Newsletter for August 16

    In Class Assignments in ELA/SS for the week


    Monday- Decoding; Reading Workshop-Summarizing; Writing: Drafting III; Social Studies: English Colonization

    Tuesday- Vocabulary: Context Clues, Reading Workship-Central Idea; Writing: Revising I; Social Studies- New England Colonies

    Wednesday- Vocabulary, Greek/Latin roots; Reading Workshop-Central Idea; Wind of Hope Quiz; Writing: Grammar; Social Studies-Middle Colonies

    Thursday- HMH Week 2 Reading Assessment; Writing: Revising II-varying sentences; Social Studies: Southern Colonies

    Friday- (Early Release Day 1:30)

    Reading Workshop with vocabulary, decoding, fluency; Writing: Revising III-Organizing; Social Studies: Colonial Government



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  • Optional Device Protection

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  • Week of August 9th Newsletter

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  • August 2-6 Newsletter

    In Class Assignments in ELA/SS for the week

    Monday- Reading: Reading Workshop, Vocabulary, Spelling  

    Social Studies: Mapping-research physical features of a US region

    Tuesday- Reading: Readers Workshop Vocabulary

    Writing: “The Read” Expository Text- 2 Questions

    Social Studies: Mapping-research physical features

    Wednesday- Reading Workshop, Vocabulary, Decoding

    Social Studies: Explain how location affects the way we live

    Thursday- Reading: Reading- Take the R.I. (Reading Inventory); Writing Process lesson and anchor chart.

    Social Studies: Mapping: Prime meridian, equator, continents and oceans

    Friday- (Early Release Day 1:30)

    Reading: Reading Workshop, Vocabulary

    Social Studies: Mapping: Prime meridian, equator, continents and oceans


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