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  • Last Week of Activities

    Posted by Tracy Malone on 5/18/2019
    Upcoming Events
    Monday, May 20 - Show & Tell
    Tuesday, May 21 - Water Day
    Wednesday, May 22 - Game Day & Summer Birthday celebrations
    Wednesday, May 23 -  Kindergarten Celebration @9:00 & Early Release 
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  • Ants and Their Nests U6W6

    Posted by Tracy Malone on 5/5/2019
    • Skill: Draw Conclusions

      What is this skill?  When you draw conclusions you use clues found when reading words and looking at pictures.  You use these clues with what you already know in real life to help you figure out something that is not written in a story or an article.  

      Why is this important?  Good readers use what they read and what they know about real life to figure out more about the characters and what happens in a selection.

    • Math: Module  6 - Analyzing, comparing and composing shapes
    • Topic A: Building and drawing flat and solid shapes 
    • Topic B: Composing and decomposing shapes
    Module 6

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