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Meet Our Family Case Manager and Referral Specialist

Maria Lizanec RN, Family Case Manager and Referral Specialist

Nurse Maria is still here, but Nurse Sally is the school nurse! As many of you know, I have been at Constitution for quite a number of years. Although I cannot enjoy visits with your children, I am still here and want to offer my services to you and your family.  Happy and healthy families, will make happy and healthy kids. Happy and healthy kids will make happy and healthy students who are ready to learn!

If you have difficulty accessing ANY SERVICES OR NEEDS, please call me, or email me at
You may also reach out to your teacher and request a call back. I am in my office 3 days a week, but will respond to emails 5 days a week.

Please reach out to me and remember, you will never know the answer to a question if it was not asked. Our communications will be kept confidential.

Maria Lizanec, RN
Family Case Manager, Referral Specialist
Constitution Elementary
"Healthy kids are my business"
"Deer Valley...a district of excellence with opportunities for every student."