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Andy Hull Award

Last year, Desert Mountain established the Andy Hull Award, named after student athlete, Andy Hull. While Andy attended Desert Mountain, he played two years for our school's baseball team. After leaving Desert Mountain, he continued to play baseball at Sandra Day O’Connor where he was their star pitcher. Andy was a fantastic and memorable human being. His nickname was Sunshine because he always seemed to brighten everyone’s day. Unfortunately, we lost Andy much too soon; he is missed! Andy had a big impact on everyone he met. To honor his memory, we recognize the athletic team with the highest G.P.A during their season.

We are so proud to announce that this year all middle school athletic teams had at least a 3.27 G.P.A. Congratulations, student athletes.  Although all teams did incredibly well, this year’s recipients are Girls’ Volleyball.  They had an average G.P.A of 3.90, with ten of them having a 4.0. This is an amazing accomplishment.  The Girls’ Vollleyball Team were also the Division 1A Runner-Ups. Congratulations to the following female volleyball players:  Sydney Poston, Emilee Thomas Baker, Ava Harding, Alexis Brown, Kylie Akey, Sierra Mailo, Jazzmyn Stacy, Angelica Kramer, Elizabeth Cunningham, Kyleigha Ongstad, Victoria Broderick and Addison France.  Also, congratulations to Coaches LaPorte and Booth.