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Parking Lot Safety and Procedures


To ensure the safety for all of our students and to prevent parking lot accidents, Desert Mountain has implemented the following student drop-off and pick-up procedures. 

*Student Drop off and Pick up is in the large parking lot to the north. 

*The small parking lot by the administration building is for parking and walking students on to campus. Parents, you will be required to sign in and show ID in the office before coming on to campus. 

*Please note: the Handicapped Parking spaces are to be used only by vehicles with the proper handicapped disabled sign-age or plate.

Morning Drop-off procedures:

  •          Please drop your student off north of the cross walk. This process ensures that the flow of traffic runs smoothly and does not create traffic backup. This process also ensures that we do not have any accidents with vehicles passing on the left side of the flow of traffic.  

Afternoon Pick-up procedures:

  •          Students will use the student waiting area. Students will be waiting at the colored seating area inside of the school gates located under the shade trees. Students will exit the gate north of the crosswalk to access their rides. Students will only be permitted to use the cross walk if accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Thank you for helping us to keep everyone safe.