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Well-Managed Schools: BoysTown

The Well-Managed: Boys Town Education Model, a school-based intervention strategy, emphasizes behavior management practices, relationship-building techniques, and social skills instruction. It offers the structures and strategies needed to reduce disruptive behaviors and empower students with self-management skills. The Well-Managed Schools Model has been implemented in hundreds of schools and school districts nationwide. Research shows that in classrooms where the Model is implemented with high fidelity, more students comply with teacher correction and stay academically engaged. 

  • Building Relationships
  • Planned Teaching of Social Skills
  • Preventative Prompts
  • Guided Self-Correction
  • Corrective Teaching (Re-Teaching)
  • De-escalation Strategies
  • Specific/Effective Praise

This Model gives students, teachers, staff members, and families the language to use when communicating expectations, procedures, and behavior.

Quarter 1 Skills

Overview of BoysTown for families.


BoysTown Skills