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Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures

Student Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures:


Our parking lot was updated this summer with a new speed table, and the second crossing area was removed. The speed table located just after the Kindergarten gate will now be the only crossing area. These changes have resulted in updated traffic processes.

Kindergarten drop off and pick up will now occur in front of the kindergarten gate, along the curb. (See the green line in the image to see the referenced area.) Parents dropping off / picking up that do not have kindergarten students will follow the pink line, allowing the second lane of traffic (closest to the parking lot) to be used as a through lane. During busy times of the school day, staff will be on duty to assist in traffic control. Students in grades 1 through 6 will be in front of the building for pickup along the area noted in yellow. Please pull all the way up. Staff will be on duty to supervise students.

Students are not permitted to enter or exit vehicles in the through lane.  They must enter and exit vehicles closes to the curb.