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PowerSchools Parent Information


Please make sure that you have your own PowerSchool Account (i.e. not signing in with your child's account).


DVUSD has moved to an electronic system for some of our back to school paperwork for which requires the use of Powerschool for all parents. Instructions and access codes specific to your child were sent home with your child in April and sent home via mail in May to parents who had not yet created an account. Newly registered families, please contact the office for your access codes.


This school year, parents of returning students will electronically verify current medical and emergency contact information and update any changes for their currently enrolled child(ren).


Parents must have a PowerSchool Parent account set up in order to access these important documents. This electronic process will replace much of the paperwork that we send home on the first few days of school.


DVUSD is excited to be able to provide this quick and efficient process for our parents! Please click on the link above to learn how to sign up for a parent account.


Please reach out to if you need your parent log on information.