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Weekly Wildcat Newsletter

New River School News – Week of November 11, 2019

Vision:  Today’s Learners, Tomorrow’s Leaders!                          

2019-20 School Focus:  “It's our TIME!”


Important Dates:

November 11th                               National Kindness Week!

November 11th                               No School

November 13th                               National Education Support Paraprofessionals day!

November 14th                               5th Grade Biztown Field Trip

November 18th                               Progress Report week

November 22nd                               Early Release @ 2 p.m.

November 22nd                               November Student Recognition @ 9 a.m.

November 27-29                            No School- Thanksgiving



Message from the Principal- Ms. Fredlund:  This coming week is National Kindness week!  Kindness is defined as "the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate". As we know kindness can positively affect relationships and our daily satisfaction. Sometimes it is the ability to see something or someone who has a need and lend a hand, smile, kind words, or do a random act. There are quite a few organizations and initiatives to promote kindness, and one of them has the motto "a kinder world begins with all of us". Yes, it does! So this week the students and staff are going to have some engaging and challenging activities that will have students sharing kindness, trying something new to show kindness to someone, or perhaps become more aware of a need someone has. New River is going to have a great week of kindness!

All Things E.Q. Motto:  I make the most out of every experience.                                                                                                                              

School Highlights

4th Grade:  The fourth graders went back in time to the 1800's and experienced life "pioneer style" when they took a field trip to the Pioneer Museum. The students got to view and read about many exhibits and artifacts. While visiting many original buildings from the 1800's the students took time to enjoy panning for "gold". Wow, some little prospectors found some big nuggets!  It was a great field trip experience.

6th Grade:  In writing, the sixth graders have been learning about informational writing. This type is all around us and is key to learning and sharing new things. After spending a couple of weeks looking at samples, the sixth graders started writing their own. First, they read some information about hurricanes and then tornadoes. The essay focused on comparing the two, then rough drafts were completed and revised. Next the drafts were shared with a peer for editing and upgrading. This past week, the students wrote the final copy.  The sixth graders are well on our way to rocking our district informational writing test coming up next month.

PE: It's coming! Yep, its turkey season. For those of you new to our school, and for those of you that may need a reminder, here is how it works....we have a fun run/walk every year before Thanksgiving Break, affectionately called the Turkey Trot. The Turkey Trot takes the place of PE for this day and this year it is held on Tuesday, November 19th. The students will run/walk with their grade level for health and fitness.  This is our PE fund raiser for the school year. You can pledge a dollar a lap or a flat amount. Please send check made payable to New River School or cash with the students and return to Mrs. Peper by November 27th. Our goal is to raise $700.00!  Thank you for supporting P.E.!

Student Council:  We have planned a fundraiser for November 18th. You can help by enjoying great food at Freddy's, 39520 N Daisy Mountain Dr, Anthem. Here is how it works, on Monday, November 18 from 4pm-9pm, go to Freddy's and purchase your food. When you order you can either give them a flyer that will be coming home, or simply tell them that you want to help New River Student Council. That's it!  Student Council will get a percentage of the sales to use in our activities for this school year.

Choir:  Five students from the Wildcat Choir at our school were chosen to represent and participate in the DVUSD Elementary Honor Choir this school year. These students were chosen based upon factors such as their singing ability, work ethic, responsibility, respectfulness, attendance, and leadership. They will get to perform with some of the best choir students in our entire school district. The DVUSD Honor Choir practices will take place on November 14th at Sandra Day O'Connor High School and conclude with a concert that same evening for the public at 6:30pm. Congratulations to those students!

Message from the Office: 

Registration/Open Enrollment:  We are accepting open enrollment and continued registration for the 2019-20 school year!  In addition, we are happy to provide tours of our amazing school and more information.  A New River brochure is available in our office for distribution to friends or family, or please come into our office for more information between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., or contact us @ 623-376-3500. 


SnackPac Program Reminder:  The local Foothills Food Bank is sponsoring a SnackPac program for students.  The purpose is to provide nutritious snacks for students.  Each week the SnackPacs are distributed with permission.  If you are interested in having your child be part of receiving a SnackPac please contact the office for information and a permission slip.

Stay Connected:  There are many ways to find information about our school, upcoming events, and important news. Take a look at the New River website ( ), "like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.  Please feel free to call the office @ 623-376-3500 with any questions.