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We are an A Rated school

ADE School Grade A For the past five years, Park Meadows Elementary has been one of the top performing Title I schools in the state and our state label has been an “A” for the past four years. We attribute this to our outstanding veteran staff, who couldn’t be more dedicated to the success of each and every student. We also know that parent participation is essential to the success of every child so we include parents in our discussions, especially when a student is not performing at grade level. Student performance data is available throughout the school year so you will always know your child’s strengths and areas that might need support from you at home. The state labels are a combination of student performance and student growth from one year to the next.

Our enrollment, including our pre-school students, is around 610 students. We have families of all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds, which creates a learning environment where students learn acceptance of similarities and differences to enhance their social growth.

While we are a neighborhood school, we also accept open enrollment applications, which allows a student to attend a school that is outside of their home boundaries. This requires parents to transport their child, but we do offer an on- site before and after school day care program. If you are planning to attend Park Meadows, or would like more information about our school, please call our main line between 7:30 and 4:30, Monday through Friday, so we can answer your questions.